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#1\2017-01-08 16:47


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rs Serbia

So recently i started working on adding cars to my slrr.After 15 or so cars i got an idea to try dealer and see if they work.I though they will crash but actually they did work,but with one problem.All cars both in used or new cars dealer were BMW E92 that i had .After that i wanted to delete it because car was not the best and i had that problem so i deleted it and now i can't go to any dealers at all?I have a latest crash log for used car dealer (for new one was pretty much same)... If anybody knows a best way to fix this tell me and ask if you need more info.
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I'm just a random guy who loves games,JDM cars and so on..
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gr Greece

Just go 2 days forward
Use your imagination to build the perfect car.

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rs Serbia

I'm just a random guy who loves games,JDM cars and so on..
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us United States

You cannot dial it to one car. And you have to start a new career to reset whats called the "Active Selection". Essentially when you go to a dealer (either used or new), it randomly generates the codes that designate the car and its available models.

Once its there, its trying to look for that car and model. When you delete the mod without a new game save, it cannot find those codes/file locations and then intantly crashes.

If it works in a dealer, it generally means a mod could be partially working and when it generates, that's usually a good sign its ok.

A car that works in the dealer but not in Valo is a combinations of deeper issues in the CFG files and Java's

To check to see if a mod works or not. go into the dealer then back to garage, progress the time a few hours. Repeat till it crashes or the car mod shows up. Add mods one at a time till you know what's the problem.

Also, be a bit patient or search the forum better. Since these kind of questions have been answered a million times.

I found the mod pack and I'll have it in my signature hopefully by the time you read this:
A: Complete removal of all stock parts/cars
B: Reorganization of catalog
C: New Rim/Tire organization
D: LE and MWM compatibility and probably the best organization you'll see
E: Compatibility with mods will require you to update the cars stock parts list to have NON old parts.
F:Valo city should work for the most part with no issues.
G: DO NOT click on the the left size of catalog where it separates engine block types: I4,V6,v8,v10...etc. Its not finished yet.It may work, but makes things unstable.
H:Body panels that go on top of another body part require the supporting part to be installed first. (Like a steel bumper that attaches to a regular bumper)...(This is an unfortunate inconvenience with how I coded that filter)
I: The car should not jump around the garage anymore.

NOTE: This is not finished, so don't post it as an official build anywhere please. It does have its bug's so post your error logs when you get them.

WIP Early Access: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dpf0smr4p8p0t76/AADqGTmgyy7o7umfMAx7Q3Lta?dl=0
Early Access Release:

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rs Serbia

First of all thanks for help,i'm going to try to remove all cars and see if that helps than i'm going to to do some coding if needed but problem is i tried making about 100 new careers with and without a lot of mods but didn't work.This game really gives me a headache...So many problems

I will see if that mod you are working on will be compatible with my slrr,i hope so...

Added 13 minutes later:

Okay,now this problem went to connect with other big problem i have wich is Undefined game type constructor and i have a lot of those.I found some fix on net but i think mines are some Uniqe ones,or well none posted them.Noramlly i would delete mod,but i think that is not right way.I'm really not sure what to do :I

Added 1 minutes later:

I'm probably going to make a topic just to fix tons of my small problems if i can't find them on any forums because believe me it is not funny how much i searched but nothing...

Added 3 minutes later:

Progress:I can go to new dealer but it only one car again and it is Hond (only car i have currently) because i'm using it for menu i i cna't open game with out it...I will try anything and wait for any response

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Added 40 seconds later:

Now just to get those constructors and it is done
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I'm just a random guy who loves games,JDM cars and so on..