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#1\2017-02-05 17:18


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us United States

Hey guys, I've been trying to download SLRRMWM2011 - The Compilation STAGE1 without success... The captcha is broken, and without signing up for a paid account which removes the captcha, I can't download it. I have also been unable to find this download anywhere else either... Can someone fix the captcha or provide an alternate download link?

Thanks guys! I love this site! SLRR is still a great game after all these years and I'm thankful there is a community to support it. It's the only game of it's type I've found.
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#2\2017-02-06 13:01


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ee Estonia

YO Pharside!!
what you mean the captcha is broken.. can you like explain?
just saying that there is an SLRR 2.3.1 version on steam and i recommend you to check it out ;)

ok back to your actual problem
if you still cant use catcha...
Then click on the link right here ====> SHHHHH! DONT SHARE THIS OK??
Hope it helped :D
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