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I'm a sound designer and I'm working on a custom music pack using all original works of my own.

I know how to add music in the places the game already has scripted but is there a way to separate the shops music from the garage and even more so the used dealer from the new dealer as well.

I'd like to do more of just an ambient outside set(maybe even a low distant radio you can hear from the lot)for the used dealer and more of a easy listening or elevator music type set for the new car dealer.

Or is this all baked into the game engine?

Any help appreciated and I'll release my pack when complete either way.
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No it isn't possible! There's no public resources to edit that!
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I found a kind of work around by editing the CarMarket.java included in 2.3.1 SL folder
to include MUSIC_SET_ANIM and putting my test mp3 in the Anim_Scene folder.
It now plays my file when I enter any of the shops.

Since car lot also has it's own java file, I can make an ambient track with engine revs and tire screeches (with a nice Car park reverb via an impulse wav)

I may have more luck with how the game triggers the eventlist track in the Misc_menu folder.

Currently searching for the java that triggers the "02_Ending" track in Misc_menu as that will help me determine how the game determines which track to play first.

although other tracks in misc will still play when inside the eventlist but the intended track always plays first.

If anyone can point me to the java in 2.3.1 that triggers the "02_Ending" track I'd be very grateful.

I'm fairly sure I found it in HallOfFame.java
Will test and update once I make more progress.

Edit 2:
Figured out a method using the Roc_win Loop trigger.
Now I can set music to none and play loop per each different shop, and it stops when you leave so that's a plus.

testing is done and I am moving on to creating the sound files.

Edit 3:
Well the Loop trigger sounded like a good idea but it loops inconsistently even with loops set to exact length of roc_win.wav (only 8 sec long =[ )so I've reverted back to full 3+ min audio files.

As of now I've got it set to play a selected audio first for each, much in the way hall of fame plays the end music.

Used Dealer has it's own audio set first

New dealer and trade have same audio set first as I believe its same building

Car lot has a long audio file that sounds like.. you guessed it, a Parking Garage.

Now if only Raxat could throw me a bone and code in a sound.loopTrack function on an upcoming update *wink wink*

I'd be more than happy to provide sound scripting as well as audio work for the project.

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