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for SLRR 2.3.1 build 295
(I Suggest only using it on this build. I will update for future builds.)

Make a back up of files before installing!

Copy music and sl folders in your SLRR 2.3.1
replace any files it asks to replace.

open game and check it out.

-Used shop has its own audio track
-New and Trade Dealers share audio track
-Car Lot has its own ambient audio as well

-What it really does:
Scripted to play specified 3-4 minute audio track when entering the shops and car lot. Works the same way Eventlist and HallOfFame does when playing audio.

-What it really does not:
Loop =[
A "sound.Looptrack" function would have to be hardcoded before I can make a decent size loop play seamlessly.

Not sure if it will work on older Revisions of the game, script states the fuction I borrowed was added around build 900 I believe.

It working on older revisions is probably also dependent on when the last time these java's were updated.

I take no credit for original .java files only for my edits to them.

-Audio track produced by Krimzon

-sound effect layers taken from freesound website and are zero attribution licenced released to public domain.

-Additional audio processing by Krimzon

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