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#1\2017-04-04 23:02


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the ford engine pack is great and many hours spent on it . but i think we need to do some work to it.
such as adding new valve covers and oil pans and making better models plus different textures.

it would be cool to also add big block fords

the biggest thing to change would be having a nitrous fogger or plate for the motor seeing as you can only use nitrous on n/a motors

start sharing some ideas people!!
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#2\2017-04-04 23:20


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More intakes and more blocks.Adjustable supercharger and more camsafts.
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#3\2017-04-05 07:10
Different versions of turbo setups an different turbo down pipes/exhaust
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#4\2017-04-05 07:42


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Bigger turbo options and some Screw and PSI superchargers
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#5\2017-04-05 08:35

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pt Portugal

Do you guys know the work that means?
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New sounds

Added 0 ms later:

New sounds

#7\2017-04-05 10:49


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JMO : 1st , nitrous. Direct port system for the various manifolds.
2nd : shorter/taller piping for the turbo setups.
#8\2017-04-05 15:10


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Wow I really like all these suggestions. So when are you guys going to make it?
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#9\2017-04-05 15:19

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I'm with Defiant, I'm loving to see this word workers. Only talk and trow ideas by the air, waiting for someone to do it by them!
#10\2017-04-05 16:59

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I know the ford pack sucks! Looks like ray charles modeled it on a dark foggy night!

But yea my modeling sucked back then, still sucks now, but not many folks are making full engines from scratch like I did. Yall have some interesting requests.

Intakes: I was never able to model a good carberator or find a model to use so I never got around to them.

Sounds: To my knowledge (and this may have changed) this ford engine is the ONLY engine with unique sounds per each camshaft. You want more camshafts, there's already like 8? How many more do you want? its already got more then almost any other engine execept maybe the LS, which oh wait, I scripted that too. If you want your own cam profile I am happy to share the java so you can design any lobes you'de like. I can also explain how sounds work if you want to add your own.

Nitrous Kits: The reason there is only nitrous for an N/A intake tube was common factor back then that if you have a big ass turbo you don't need spray on top of it. Of course things have changed over the years and you see more and more duel power adders. Someone could eaisly 'borrow' models from other engines and use them on this. I did the same with the fancier nitrous rails for the LS engine, they were 'borrowed' from the devils engine pack.

Turbo Tubes: It gets cumbersome to have intake tubes for every single intake manifold. Already it features more tubing options then any other motor. a tip: use adjustable engine part and/or adjustable exhaust part script and it will allow you to move them on all axis to possibly adjust to what you are looking for.

Superchargers: I did add centrifigual superchargers, both belt and gear/cog driven, but myself and multiple people have been unable to get the scripting to work correctly that the motor will recognize it. Again, happy to share those scripts if you want to take a crack at it.

Bigger Turbos: There's already a 94/96mm single and twin 88mm, how big do you want?! lol And they are physically different sizes ingame, more then most engine packs offer.

So in conclusion, yes, my modeling sucks. BUT this engine pack has been out for years and still features more stuff then most stuff coming out today. Im happy to share any old rescources I can dig up if anyone wants to work on it. I've switched hardrives a few times but still probably got some stuff saved. I know I have all the scripts, and my base V8 java pack would be compatible with everything except for how I did sounds. I may have all the modeling but I would have to look.
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