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hay there guys im in a bit of a pickle at the moment.. im in the process of thinking about buying a nisssan c33 laurel mod/3d model off the suicide drifters page on vk...problem is its only that a 3d model it needs to be converted to slrr which i dont know how too do. can anyone help please? im willing to pay for the model that doesnt bother me. i just would like some help on converting it or someone doing it for me i can pay them also for it and they can also kee the mod for them too :) thanks brayden

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link here for pics
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I dont know if it worths.I dont know if the model worths 750 rub (12 euro).But about the convert you have to know how do make many pieces the car if it isnt made by many models.After that it is simple enough to use it at slrr.If you know script which I can try to help you because I have fixed and I have done standalone many cars.These tips for know. :)
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