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#1\2017-04-28 20:38


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Created by Krimzon,
With example scripts from Oxman99.

Made for 2.3.1 but should work across all versions as long as you change super id's when needed, I make no guarantees of this though.
Edit: differentials will not work on older versions since the code was separated in 2.3.1.

Parts that can be tuned:

Engine Blocks
-redline now moves in 250 increments instead of 333.
-Deck Height


Connecting Rods


Cylinder Head
-Intake valve Diameter
-Exhaust valve Diameter

*Lobe separation included in V0.2 for i4 and v0.1 for i6*

Exhaust header

Intake Manifold

Fuel rails
-Replaced all I4 fuel rails with one that fits all manifolds and is fuel type selectable.
Will update I6 to this as well.

N2O rail
-Increased Max Consumption value for tuning menu

-Friction multiplier (untested and unsure if it has any effect)

-Max torque rating (untested and unsure if it has any effect)

-all trans are now tunable.
-all i4 trans can use a differential.

-All differentials can set lock rates 10-75%
-All differentials have full range drive distribution

-All turbos have a larger unified range but optimal and working range remain the same

Known Bug:
-Occasionally an error will occur that will mess up the entire engine values, something gets divided by zero on the block, this is rare but can be reversed by setting all tuning to default.
If any one can help me solve this I'd be very grateful.
Edit: I haven't seen this happen in a while so I may or may not have fixed it.

Many thanks to Oxman99 for letting me look over his scripts, I don't think anything was a direct lift from his but it did help with increment values and unit types for sliders.

Replaced my "sandbox" with just a darker version of stock textures on i4 v02 and i6 initial release.

Version 0.1- initial release - no longer needed
Patch for cams on 2.3.1 build 927-This patch is included in v0.2
Version 0.2-Contains cams patch, added lobe separation for cams and basic tuning for einvagen supercharger, few various other changes. replaces initial release.

Version 0.1- initial release


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#2\2017-04-29 00:11

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For camshafts, add the lobe separation angle variable, it has a big effect on cam profiles
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#3\2017-04-29 06:00


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2017-04-29 00:11#282453 oxman99 : For camshafts, add the lobe separation angle variable, it has a big effect on cam profiles

I saw that and thought about adding it after playing with the values and noticing they didn't do much, will update soon, probably will work on the supercharger for einvagen on next update as well.
#4\2017-04-29 12:40


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Is this a separate engine mod or it affects the rest?
In need of fixing small things on mods? You´re welcome!

#5\2017-04-30 02:27


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2017-04-29 12:40#282457 PXRZ : Is this a separate engine mod or it affects the rest?

Separate, it contains copies of all the shipped engines, just i4 for now.

Had to do it this way so it would still work with bots and not crash valo or events with bots in 2.3.1

i6 is in the works and progress is much faster now that I know how to do it. Crank and blocks done so far.

Added 3 minutes later:

Also added lobe separation for next update to i4, will also be fixing the min bore on blocks for i4 plus double checking my work for anything else.
#6\2017-05-07 00:06


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Tested in LE2MWM because of an error that Alex Fitzpatrick reported about cams, not sure which version he used yet but figured I'd go ahead and test on other versions.

LE2MWM threw a "member redefinition" error so I'm going to work that out and will also have to rework a few scripts for this version.

I6 for 2.3.1 is mostly done but I still have to test a little more and i'm also waiting to release until I double check i4 scripts for 2.3.1. and upload both i6 and fixes for i4.

Edit: Cams not currently working in 2.3.1 build 927, will focus on this first and see if anything else needs fixed.

Edit 2: Worked out the cams problem on build 927. sent a patch to alex to further test before I post here.

Added 21 hours later:

Will be replacing the fun sandbox texture with just a darker version of the original textures, still looks good and set them apart from the shipped textures.

May also replace sounds with ones I have from FM2, Ultimatly would like to add seperate idle sounds for each block but that all depends on how much work I want to do.
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#7\2017-05-09 22:14
very well made and im glad theres an actual 2.3.1 mod maker that is not just uploading to the workshop and isn't even taking the time to use borat for you hats off for an amazing mod
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#8\2017-05-10 21:56


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Really nice job!!! About time for new mods that alows you more changes, i'll be curoius to seem more!

I wonder if eventualy somebody will make the engines become a little more complete like having spark plugs and diferent types (even absent on diesel engines) for each engine, fuel delivery systems am pumps (those things may do a lot of diference in real life), cooling systems (and intercooling for turbos), diferent types of suspensions (at least better than only McPherson style, maybe coilovers and/or Duble A's). Literaly THere's still ton's of stuff that could be put together to improove mechanic experience in the game, and i think You (Krimison) are at the very good start of it! Thanks again for you work!
#9\2017-05-11 04:52


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Thanks for the support, updated i4 and initial release of i6 uploaded. links added in OP.
#10\2017-05-25 15:11


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could you maybe add custom sounds to the mod? and give volume controls so you could increase the bass of the engine or the pitch
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