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13 Date 2017-05-10 08:47

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#1\2017-05-10 08:47


So, due to the fact that many of our roleplays have fallen into inactivity, we are going to start a new one!
In order to do this, though, we need to vote on it, to see if it is something people want to do.
We need 15 YES votes in order to get this going.
There are 15 jobs available that the person can be hired into.

Currency is GC. (GOM COINS) These are fake, but that does not mean you can give yourself some free coins. You have to make money with the job you own

Below are 8 of the jobs. (YOU ARE ALLOWED TO COME UP WITH YOUR OWN COMPANY NAME) If you are interested in this roleplay, but don't like the jobs, there are 7 empty slots in which you can make your own job.
If you end up wanting a job, you need to come up with a logo for it.
(Don't worry if it is bad. I am awful at digital art) :))


Operation Station Gas Station - Already headed up by me, Fireful0, but I will hire someone to work for me.
Valo City Imports - This will be a person who imports cars, parts, or engines. Taken by Labex300 and enjoi
Valo City OEM Parts - Person selling OEM parts from the 1960s - Modern. (Valo City Speed Shop) -Taken by jeff191144
Behind the Counter Racing License - Place where you have to buy your racing license before you can legally race. -Taken by Alex Fitzpatrick
BMV Place to get your license before you can drive, period. -Taken by Sterling
Valo Used Car Dealer (Rinky, Dinky, and Ready to Go) - Obviously a used car dealer. -Taken by RD43
Valo New Car Dealer - Obviously a new car dealer. -Taken by the best moder
McDonald's Worker - Person who works for McDonald's
Banker - To keep people's finances in check. :))
All in One Shop Your one stop shop for parts, engines, or a tune up. (Keningston Motors) -Taken by StreetKeningston

The people who work for the auto dealers and importers are actually SELLING THE CARS. They do this by uploading their car's save file which can be found in the /yourslrr/save/career/theircareer/
The person who is selling the car is responsible for PMing the buyer the name of the mods required or giving the links to them, along with giving the buyer the link to his/her save car.

Everyone who plays in this roleplay MUST USE SLRR NFS WORLD EDITION in order to avoid compatibility problems with saved cars.

That's about it!
If this passes, a new thread will be made in which we will get started.

Finally, if 15 people enter, but someone else wants to join, please let us know that you want to join. Someone might be able to hire you! :)
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#2\2017-05-10 08:56


Posts: 1613

ee Estonia

can i have a something line i had on the last roleplay but i will start over like completly that means making new logo and buying new car and stuff :DDD

(if its allowed i only sell tuned cars)

and how about a starting money???

Added 45 seconds later:

Keningston Motors and my usual job stays same :D
Roleplay stuff:
Roleplay money: 102,500GC

#3\2017-05-10 08:59
SK, you have a point!
If you end up wanting a job, you need to come up with a logo for it.
(Don't worry if it is bad. I'm awful at digital art) :))
Starting money will be discussed in the next thread. ;)

14 jobs left!
#4\2017-05-10 09:05


Posts: 1613

ee Estonia

i can make the roleplay logo too.. i already have an idea how it should look like :D

you know that my job looks like this
- i sell cars, not like used car dealership but racecars or tuned cars
- i order or make tuning parts
- i make tuning kits (i make a price list when it gets voted)
and so on

i make my usual stuff :D

i can make a pink slip too for cars if u buy,sell,trade

Roleplay stuff:
Roleplay money: 102,500GC

#5\2017-05-10 09:09
#6\2017-05-10 10:19


Posts: 787

gr Greece

Surely I want.Can I take from now Valo City New Car Dealer.I want very much this job.
Use your imagination to build the perfect car.

If you want to contract with me:[email protected]
Laptop:Toshiba Tecra AMD radeon 1gb version Intel i5.

RP money:69000GC

What I sell now.
Fiat 147 1987
Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed

#7\2017-05-10 10:22
Sure thing!
Can you come up with a logo?

13 Slots left!
#8\2017-05-10 10:28


Posts: 1613

ee Estonia

okay i made the artwork and i was in the mood so i did pinkslip too


Roleplay stuff:
Roleplay money: 102,500GC

#9\2017-05-10 10:30
Nice work, SK!
#10\2017-05-10 10:38


Posts: 1613

ee Estonia

*feels special* :3

Added 4 minutes later:

the pinkslip should be smaller
Roleplay stuff:
Roleplay money: 102,500GC


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