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Change Log:
Ported Gorgoil's code to 2.3.1(Crtl+C, Ctrl+V)

Adapted Raxat patches, for cutting down on "zero division" errors, With Gorgoils maths.

Changed code to keep the button icons for 2.3.1

Added math and code to include "x.xx" Lbs/Min to the nos tuning, seen in above image.

Changed max consumption in tuning menu to a large static value.

Made changes to his Dyno background as seen above.

removed dialog box on car info in gorgoils script and reverted back to 2.3.1 background for car info.

%100 compatible with my Advanced Engine Tuning mod.

Known bug:
New and trade car lots crash if "fast load/cheat" mod and "dark glass theme" mod are installed not sure which one causes it yet but works fine if those mods are not installed.

Done but not implemented yet:

Removed box around page buttons.
Added all 2.3.1 buttons back in.
Reverted general car info page to regular 2.3.1 data and added custom background (borrowed part of the wheelbase image from dark theme mod so credits for original image goes to the creator of that,will properly credit upon release.)
Added a new separate page for engine info and added custom background.

All that is left to do is re-adjust the placement for wheelbase data to match custom image and to test, if anyone is interested in testing extensively please let me know.

2.3.1 Gorgoils Real Dyno N2o v0.1
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Keep the good work ;)