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#1\2017-07-11 21:14



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ok firstly sorry if i=this is in the wrong place.

hey guys, i have been playing slrr for a few weeks now and love it but i like to have a number of games on the go at once sooooooo

what other games would be worthy of my time would you say, ive been toying with beamNG and thats pretty good but still looking for others.

pc spec is

intel q6600 @2.4ghz
8gb ram ddr2
gtx560 ti

cheers in advance for any idea
#2\2017-07-28 00:36


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Assasin Creed
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#3\2017-07-28 01:36
Jidousha Shakai is a great WIP game that is for sale on Steam.
(You can download a demo here: http://jidoushashakai.com/index.php?/files/file/2-jidousha-shakai-alpha/)

It is a drifting / driving game that has tons of customization, and has a great guy working on it.

If you want to purchase it, you can buy it here:
G35 Progress: