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#1\2018-03-27 19:23
I recently switched from 2.3.1 (steam version) to 2.2.1 MWM. I had a Mr Sir 13b rotary rx3 drag car, and rebuilt it in 2.2.1 MWM. I played with the turbo and nitrous rail javas to make more power, and topped at about 1200 HP. I went 6.080 at the test track in 2.3.1, and almost eclipsed 6 seconds with a rotary. I switched over to 2.2.1, and noticed that the shift times are so slow, that I can barely go 7.938. It launches really hard and gets in second, but has about a 1 second pause in between shifts. I'm using a five speed from the 13b mod. The only trannys are automatics, and they are very slow shifting. Are there any fixes?

Added 4 minutes later:

Very slow shifting has also plagued the times of my full tube chassis Nova. I used to go 6.7 in 2.3.1, and now I can go about 8.5 with 2,000 horsepower.
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#2\2018-03-27 23:28


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There are 4 variables in the SlrrExhaustive Bits patch that have an effect on this:
  -This is the amount the clutch is pressed in the dead-time
  -This is the amount the throttle is pressed in the dead-time
  -The length of the dead-time when shifting up
  -The length of the dead-time when shifting down
There is a video of an earlier version to demonstrate (the AutoShiftDeadTimeShifting* variables were not implemented yet but for a proof of concept this will suffice):

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#3\2018-03-28 03:07
Okay I downloaded the patch, but I don't know where to unpack it to. Also the menu you opened in the video, when I do unpack the patch how do i open that? I have 2.2.1 MWM and am wondering which of the three folders to use, and where to unpack it.

Added 19 minutes later:

Never Mind I understand it now, I opened the application in the folder, and tampered with the dead time when shifting up. Checking if it works right now.
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#4\2018-03-28 03:36


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You have MWM then the logical one would be the Pack_reshade_forMWM download.

That is the config menu of a modified Reshade I bring it up with the shfit+F10 combination but it will tell you this at compiletime in the main menu.

If you opt-out of reshade you will need to restart the game for changes made with the config program to take effect so I would advise against that at least while you are tweaking the values (there is a lot of potential in the physics related variables).
Also reshade brings you some modern effects that can add to the aesthetic but I do understand that people generally fond of this game do not share my opinion of what looks good, that is why its a good thing that reshade is highly customisable.
(you might need to switch it to config mode in the settings tab)
#5\2018-03-28 03:59
It didn't seem to work.... why?
It is a little bit faster, but still slow.

Added 7 minutes later:

I have up and down shift time at 0, and throttle in auto shift dead time up to 1.
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#6\2018-03-28 04:10


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what steps did you take?

Try this:
Copy the one I linked (LINK) over your install (should keep backups of the scripts you are overwriting though)
Run the game with the patched exe from the download: Slrr_GI.exe
Open reshade and tweak the variable (to test set to -1 there should be no deadtime)

Keep in mind that the default value for the ClutchOnInAutoShiftDeadTime and ThrottleOnInAutoShiftDeadTime is 0.5 so even if you have a deadtime the throttle will be pressed halfway down the slrr-default values would be:
ClutchOnInAutoShiftDeadTime : 1
ThrottleOnInAutoShiftDeadTime : 0

However if you dont have a deadtime these values will have no effect.

I just verified the download on a MWM install I can confirm it does work as intended.
#7\2018-03-28 05:14
I think I see my problem. I downloaded all three, and I think I unpacked the no reshade version.

Added 13 hours later:

gonna follow your steps, and see if it works. Might just be my game.

Added 9 minutes later:

How do you run SlRR_Gl.exe? can't get it to run. I'm kind of a noob, so I might just be doing this wrong.
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#8\2018-03-30 02:00


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You would decompress the archive to the root directory of your slrr install the Slrr_GI.exe would be in the same directory as the original exe was/is then you just run it like a normal program nothing special. (it is a hex edited Slrr exe from the MWM version of the game)

You might be expecting something else than what it actually does is the effect shown in the video what you are after?

You can easily verify whether its working or not go to a track and change the gravity to something positive if your car flies away you have the correct setup.

Added 2 minutes later:

After that it is just a question of settings.
#9\2018-03-30 03:58
Okay I've played with it some more and it works. Thanks!
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