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The 104er engine is the Prime DLH V8 which sits in the Prime DLH muscle car. That engine´s parts in SLRR 2.2.1 and MWM is scripted differently than the two other SLRR V8 engines meaning that it won´t show up at neither catalog nor spark´s SLREditor tool when adding engines to a car compared to that of the SLRR 2.3.0 LE version.
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PXRZ tnx for answer.
I have a quest.Cars have a different name in the game, can anybody tell me which car is real name.
For example Shimbitchu if a dont worng is Mitsubishi, i need name for other thank you very much.

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I need name for other cars if you can tell thank you. :-D
#23\2017-02-03 05:52
2010-09-17 23:49#129457 JAG : SLRR engine builds (stock SLRR parts)
Hauler/MC/Prime V8: 904HP 703TQ:
-MC GT Block.
-MC GTLE Crankshaft.
-MC GTLE Connecting Rods
-MC GT-B/GTLE Pistons
-Hauler's SuperDuty Crankshaft Bearing Bridge.
-Hauler's SuperDuty Oil Pan.
-Hauler's SuperDuty Alternator.
-Hauler's SuperDuty Alternator Belt.
-Vee-8 Supercharger Driver Pulley.
-Prime DLH Flywheel/Clutch (IF not), Hauler's SuperDuty Flywheel/Clutch.
-Hauler's SuperDuty Extra 750 Transmission (4WD).
-Hauler's SuperDuty 500 Cylinder Heads (2).
-Hauler's SuperDuty Exhaust Headers (2).
-Hauler's SuperDuty Intake / Exhaust Camshafts (4).
-Hauler's SuperDuty Camshaft Bearing Bridge (2).
-Hauler's SuperDuty Cylinder Head Covers (2).
-Hauler's SuperDuty camshaft drivebelt.
-Hauler's SuperDuty Extra 750 Intake Manifold.
-SL Tuners 7.0psi Roots Type Supercharger.
-Vee-8 Roots Type Supercharger Drive Belt.
-Hauler's SuperDuty 500 Carbs.
-SL Tuners 8 Channel Ported N20 System.
Tune the following:
-Hauler's SuperDuty 500 Carbs: 12.50
-Hauler's SuperDuty Exhaust Camshafts: 15.00
-Hauler's SuperDuty Intake Camshafts: -13.00
-MC GT Block: Idle 700rpm, Redline 6250rpm.

after 7 years it's 960hp :)
#24\2017-03-20 19:50
I do build the DuhenD18v+Stage II heads, and turbo charger that costs $3000.
Then set wastegate to max 2 bar, after that set AFR into 11:1, you'll get 510hp.
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If you're starting the game completely stock, no mods at all... you'll have a choice of a Duhen or an Einvagen (within your 20,000 budget).
Either one of these can be tuned to win night races cheaply, but I prefer the Einvagen engine as it is far stronger and can be made to rev higher with the GTA cylinder head which is cheap. I use the GT pistons for higher compression and the Duhen DVC camshafts. This gives 300+ HP without the supercharger, but you'll need the GTA AWD gearbox to get the power down. Set the max RPM around 9,000 and the fuel rail to 12.50 on 91 octane gas. This will be enough to win at least 10 night races on the first night so you'll have enough cash to expand your options.

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i always started out with the einvagen. then built up enough money to get into the emer. from there i would do a gt2/gt3 combo motor. seemed to be the fastest stock in the bairn devils with gt3 parts
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#27\2017-04-16 07:00
I did the 1000hp inline 4 with the setup above, this time with DS ITB (not mandatory) and Modified turbo to be able hitting 3 bar boost. Why?

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