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#91\2011-02-03 18:43


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ro Romania

after i was 18, unexpected my mom give me some money to buy a day by day car for me
so i took a friend and we went searching
so we found this toyota in this poor condition but we set up to buy it and to improve it's conditions

the previous owner sayed also that he didn't know anything about the front of the car, he bought it like this but he sayed that at the rear he had a small crash and after that he changed the trunk and the bumper wit sh-ones

afer a short ride i noticed that the car wasn't going staight, so after a fast inspection i remarked that the front right wheel wasn't so straight as it ougt to be so we had to work at it.

we begin with the back of the car where it was last crashed

then we bought the missing body parts and also new tuned quarterpanels, clean front bumper and finished the rest bodywork for painting

firestly it was a primer

and after the paint...

then we begin with the 140hp engine
we wanted to end with a 300hp engine so even the engineblock wasn't the right one
so we begin to build the engine from scratch and in the end our 325hp engine was like this

at the interior was quite easy, we bought 2 racing seats, racing steeringwheel and also racing seatbealts. the interiour also needed the missing parts but this was not a problem. after replacing:

the rest was only a time problem to fix all the rest parts and also to fix a muffler because this missed also!
the suspension arrived also and the wheels didn't missed so we had to mount...

so it was finished all
but unlikely i went 1 week in a holyday and let the car to my best friend, who went to a racetrack and had an seriously accident! afer i saw my car i know that i was lucky that he is alive! the car was total damage! we need now a new car to rebuild this on!

so we found another car

and after transferring the suspension and interiour because that was all that we had from the last car we had another toyota at about 140hp (stock engine, the tuned one was gone) and with 100% stock bodywork.
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gb United Kingdom


nice story okta :)

#93\2011-02-04 11:56


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th Thailand

Recently I sold my Quattro for 6500$. That's more than I first spend for it. I also broken Opala for sale. I made a lot of money out of it. Even the shell getting bought buy my friend that gonna Restore it. I take some of the profit bought Second hand Einvagen 2.4 And save up for something I didn't know what it is. maybe another car. :P

I'm still working on the car. It isn't my car, It's my friend car.

It's a BMW 316i Coupe from 1993 E36, Early 1.6 one with 103 HP when it's new. Now it's about 80. :D

He traded his VW Gol Track day car for it. Cost about 3000$. He will use it as track day car. However, he doesn't know much about mechanical ways. So he needs some mechanic to do the work. He selected the guys who did the job on his VW Gol .... Me.

I started with safety.

It's fit because it's from old E36 Race car.

Then I work on the Suspension. Koni Shock Absorber and Spring. Also Brembo Brakes go in.

Engine in 316i Valo city Version is quite different than in any other state. Cause the car that's have 1500 c.c or lower engine capacity will get cheaper tax. So instead of 1593c.c BMW normal engine. This thing actually has 1497c.c engine And to make sure this thing is making same performance as 1.6 one it is include Double overhead cam. Result is as same Horsepower, lower Torque, faster to 60 (It's had less equipped so it's lighter.) and lower top speed.

I installed High Lift cam. it's produced about 30 more horsepower.

Then I found this M3 in the local junkyard for sale for just 1000$. It didn't had the Engine because somebody bought it before us. But remain parts are good enough for 1000$. Bodyparts and Rims and Interior also I can use Suspension when Current one broken.


Installed ready for paint.

We are not going to lie everybody it's a M3 so we kept 316i badge.

Owner is happy with the result. But he want more POWER. Next plan is Turbocharged the Engine.
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de Germany

a lot of Money Okta xD

Nice Story Guys
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South Dakota
us United States

well, i found this old ford back in the weeds behind a barn

there was no rust or missing panals, but it did need a coat of primer...

a new black and white look, and replaced seats

added police lights, the wiring was a pain

and, finally, a new motor for the little ricers who drive around valo city, just over 600hp
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#96\2011-02-13 12:43


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Near The Hague
nl Netherlands

Okay, time for a little story from the dutch

This is my MK2 project
I bought it like this:

By the way, the 1st owner was Roli

The 1st thing i bought where new rimzzzz from Grudas, he dont need them anymore

Then i decided to make it a project car, so i started to get rid of al parts
My " brother from another mother " Jag, helped me with it.

Including the trims on the side

Then i sanded the car, with a little help from Daniel

When done that terible job, i started painting, Franco was helping me with painting

Done !!

Then Diego came by and had a little presenst for me (Thanks Diego)

Then Jaziba called me, a friend of him had a spare fender that the guy was throwing away, and Jaz brought it to
my Garage

Sprayed and attached

Then Cj come by to help me with the suspension and stuff

After Cj put his hands on it:

i sold Grudas his ex-rims and bought new one from NoiseBomb

When attached every part, with the help from Mr.Stance a.k.a. Hudas, it was time for a pic on the street

But a couple of weeks later, my rims where stolen !, damnit! i think it was RScosworthfan101, you bastard !
So i bought new rims, yes....again...
Oh...sorry, i bought them from Morphy.
And Acyd, also know as Dennis made some license plates for me.
So here are my latest picture on the Franco-champs meeting :P

Red bull rocks

End of story
* Need a tester? or a nice intro screen for your mod? PM me and i will give it a try
* Still wish that there comes a Volkswagen Polo 6n or 6n2 to SLRR town
* 36 years old, and still playing with cars... conclusion: you never be too old to play with cars
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no Norway

hahahah nice story xD
Making NK748 jelly since 2009 :O

R.I.P to the real GOM-Team

Shoutout to the admins (2018) abusing their powers to edit peoples user profiles without them knowning about it.

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gb United Kingdom


Awesome story dopey xD

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lt Lithuania


hahahaha i helped aswell!!:awesome
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ba Bosnia and Herzegovina

colbus131 : Well when you guys list your stories, I like them...but they get hard to find and read when separated by a bunch of other pics of cars then you cannot comment on them, and get the praise they need for the hard work.

Rule: Post a Story, or Comment on one, or GTFO. Thank you

So here's my story,

A bunch of muscle heads were at the drag strip this weekend, there was also a car show in the far yard of the drag strip. We'll they started talkin **** on my rx-8, so one of the guys said:"My hemi will beat any ricer", well that got me steamed, so I challenged him to a pink slip race.

I won by a nose, but I couldn't understand why I beat him, his hemi was pushing twice the power my rx-8 had. so wee took it to my dads garage later that night (while he wasn't around). We started taking off the grill and bumper, so we could pull the motor out and see the damage done by this nimrod.

When we got the motor out we sat it on a stand on the floor, took the air cleaner off only to reveal a METHANOL carb! Now I'm really questioning this pink slip win. So we unbolted the valve cover.

More to come.....

Nice storie's of all but please tell me how do you make the engine stay beside the car?Do you modify a script or....? :D

added through 7 minutes

That will be a mystery foe ever xD

added through 24 minutes

Ahh..Comon' pls tell me!!:$
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