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I will post all that I have to sell and will post pics tomorrow evening after my surgery.

Traxxas Slayer 3.3 - 175 bucks
Traxxas Slayer 3.3 roller - 100 bucks
Slash 4x4 - 150 bucks
1/5 scale Firehammer (just needs pull string)- 350 bucks
Losi Late Model with an Traxxas VXL Brushless motor - 150 bucks
And here's the cool one IMO Sprint 2 Drift LOTS of extras-
Rx7, Actual paintjob on mine
, Hemi CudaPic also shows vintage rims
, and
Unpainted Trueno bodyPic also shows volk rims.
Rims - Vintage(Look like torque thrusts), Black Works with chrome lip
, deep dish in back, shallow up front. Volks. - 300 bucks
RC 10 GT Misc. Parts - Depends on part (will sell as bundle)
Savage X 4.6 Big Block - 250 bucks

Idk how many of you guys are into this kind of stuff but I figured i would start here and post other places too. As far as pics go, when I post them tomorrow I will include a few of each car. the 1/5 Firehammer will require a pic of me holding it just to show you guys just how big this thing is.

Send a PM or Post IDC lol

added through 1 minute

Btw this all goes into a rc project im working on when I get enough money I'll start a thread here with progress....=]
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DO WANT the cuda and the 86... just doubt i could afford them

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im wondering about the Traxxas Slayer 3.3 roller can i get pics?
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rc stuff ishard , try ebay. maybe cl but even cl i doubt.

or fb pages for rc suff

im not rich enough to habdle rc and real car hobbies at the same time :/
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