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I have to WD hdd that don’t spin up if i shut down my pc, and in order for me to see them i have to boot up Linux then switch over to Linux, its a pain dose anybody know how to turn this off i rand hdpram and it works but only in till i shut down the pc i saw some ways to fix it but im a noob to Linux so i cant even install the stuff let alone use it im in the dark and i been fooling with it for 3 days now need some assistance it will be greatly appreciated

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anybody lol its hell tyring to figure it out in linux without know how

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anybody lol its hell tyring to figure it out in linux without know how
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hypeonline *HELP* :efg *HELP*
WD hdd that don’t spin up that's not a good thing it means your HDD is dead go to WD FOR Warranty & RMA Services
or im wrong about what your talking about ??????
also check your wearing make sure everything is connected right???

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