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#11\2013-06-01 16:04

GOM Team

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# Grudas : also i am not 100% happy on the fact that you need to complete the whole game to get enough cash, i as a modder simply want to build, test and try my mods and i simply don't have time completing the game, so could you either include a developers/moders mode?! or something along the lines where i could easily test my mods?

+1 to that part.
#12\2013-06-01 18:15


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ee Estonia


Nice to see all that progress in one post! :-) Can't wait to see more progress and screenshots, and of course - the whole, completed game!
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#13\2013-06-01 20:03


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SLR 231 need with Launcher auto update download new cars mods etc!? without crash mods!(Block random download mods!) Help Grudas and Robaan make cars mod is perfect! or more help us!.

and new Handling? better than my simcade? :o

#14\2013-06-01 20:20

GOM Team

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your simcade is basically understeer-the mod. no offence but it needs tweaking. he has stock handling atm. he will rework the PHYS files for all the cars and fix the bugs in the ai :P

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#15\2013-06-01 22:13


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wow me want soo bad this looks awesome its a completed new game :somuchwin :somuchwin
#16\2013-06-01 22:54

Content Admin

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This is absolutely incredible. I am totally looking forward to this. =-O

Finally, SLRR will be really playable in career mode.

(Though, of course, I'm not looking forward to the task of porting all of my car mods. xD It's going to be tricky, especially since there will be a lot of things formatted differently, and it'll be hard to test things without cheats. After this comes out, I'm creating 2.3.1 versions of all of my existing mods.)
#17\2013-06-01 23:43

GOM Team

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ro Romania

# Harrison15 : porting all of my car mods.

Tell me about it. Since a lot of people probably won't do it, I'll have to do it all myself if I want the good mods from previous versions in 2.3.1.. And I can already forsee a shitton of work to convert a set of rims, an engine or, God forbid, a car.
#18\2013-06-02 00:19

Content Admin

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Hopefully not much has changed between 2.2.1 and 2.3.1 in terms of formatting.

In any case, I'll gladly release any updated versions of other mods that I make, like I have been with a few of my script fixes for the current version of SLRR.
#19\2013-06-02 18:23



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ee Estonia

But does it blend? :D
Actually, will it randomly crash in carreer city roaming? Is it still unstable at that part?
OTher than that, really nice work. :) Looking forward to play this. (ps, isn't the paint can a bit too expensive? :D)
#20\2013-06-03 00:20


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@jasam: there may be some beta release, i don't know yet;

@Davidov: the main problem now is stability. This version exceeds internal game limits so it keeps randomly crashing and there are no log files after that happen. I will fix this, but i don't know when, so i can't tell about ETA's until all these crashes will be eliminated;

@robban_9000: i'll think about replacing old low-res rusty textures, they are really outdated. That's all i can do at the current stage;

@Grudas: all things that i wanted to see in this project are done, it just needs fixing and some balancing to be OK. And of course, there are some options inside the code that will allow to bypass all limitations for those who make mods :) more that, you could use debugger to improve javas for your mods (printing on-screen messages anywhere in game, saving dump files, generating RDB's, etc.)

@svander: yea i will test existing 2.2.1, 2.3.0 and MWM mods for compatibility before release and post all results here;

@GT4: i like that second crazy guy gif :D i'll be honest - current physics suck, this area really needs my attention;

@redline_racer: i just want to be sure that AI is not going crazy in that career mode i provide;

@Harrison15: i'll try to keep best compatibility with 2.2.1/2.2.1MWM for mods;

@kenq3: it is very unstable now... as i said above, a more powerful debugger will be done to fix that. That $384 price is for 4 large paintcans ($96 each), you can completely paint some middle-sized car with them.

Bad news - i have to disable wrecked car generator in Joe's used car dealership, for some unknown reasons it keeps producing vehicles that have empty mesh instead of chassis. But i left an option inside the code, so everyone could enable it later, i just don't have enough time now for fixing this stuff.

An another important thing i forgot to tell, in this version you have access to the new Math.java with following functions:

- chaos(): "ultra random", produces totally haphazard value;
- siRandom(): random value with random sign (negative or positive);
- sqr(): square value;
- cub(): cubic value;
- exp(): exponential function, a^b;
- abs(): modulus function;
- round(): rounding float to a higher integer;
- getPeriods(): returns number of periods (ex. for 10 and 4 it's gonna be 2 periods);
- remDiv(): integer division with remainder, function will return both;
- mod(): modulo operation;
- fact(): factorial of a given value;
- trigonometric: sin(), cos(), tan(), cotan(), atan(), atan2(), acotan(), asin(), acos();
- interval(): returns 1 if i1<A<i2;
- section(): returns 1 if i1<=A<=i2;
- deg2rad(): degrees to radians
- rad2deg(): back to degrees;
- ms2kph(): miles per second to kilometers per hour;
- kph2ms(): back to m/s;
- avg(): simple average value;
- avg(array[]): weighted average from set of values;
- sgn(): returns sign of a given value;
- total(array[]): returns integral value;
- prc(): per cent ratio;
- car2pol(): converting cartesian coordinates to polar;
- car2sph(): cartesian to spherical coordinates.

Not so much, but helpful enough if you're building some advanced logic in the code.
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