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omega123 | 2015-03-04 07:50

where can i download miran's fuel tank system for slrr?

Mostwanted | 2015-03-03 13:27

Hi guys just to let you all lovely people knowThat we should start advertising street legal evolution on YouTube comments so the game might happenAlso make sure you advertise on YouTube channels that have lots of subs

omega123 | 2015-03-03 10:22


Defiant | 2015-03-03 08:59

Click 3D tutorials, start with learning how to model a rim if you've never modeled before. And OFC you will need some type of program...

omega123 | 2015-03-03 08:23


omega123 | 2015-03-03 08:12

but what in tutorials?

Singh | 2015-03-03 07:56

okay first of all, calm down haha

omega123 | 2015-03-03 06:57


omega123 | 2015-03-03 06:57


omega123 | 2015-03-03 06:13

i do not have 3ds max either.

omega123 | 2015-03-03 06:13

hey. i'm new here and i have a profile on VStanced too. can anybody give me a tutorial on how to create car and engine mods for slrr? pm me if anybody can tell me.

PXRZ | 2015-03-02 11:32

@Defiant Challenge accepted!

PXRZ | 2015-03-02 11:32

https://www.eff.org/secure-messaging-scorecard seems legit

Defiant | 2015-03-02 09:53

Spring is around the cornerrrr

Sterling | 2015-03-01 14:53


Defiant | 2015-03-01 12:15

If NSA wants your info they're gonna get it lol.. Trying to evade that would be a pyrrhic effort

desgor | 2015-03-01 10:43

And NSA is acutally a National Security Agency, which uses a variety of techniques, not just spying on private-person data to "enhance" national security in US.

desgor | 2015-03-01 10:39

You can only take wild guesses about that, everything can be monitored and tracked, if one is willing to invest enough time to figure out how.Blackberry phones boast the untracability, but that might be just a myth.

PXRZ | 2015-03-01 06:46

I got to ask this: What communication programs ARENĀ“T involved with any type of surveillance program(s) at all for example as NSA?

Zeprarex | 2015-03-01 06:28

singh is street tuning evolution gonna have valo

Singh | 2015-03-01 06:10

send me a pm and ill sort it for you

steviestaggered | 2015-02-28 19:05

i set a picture and then update but it wont save?

steviestaggered | 2015-02-28 19:05

i cant seem to change my avatar...

Snortciroc | 2015-02-28 15:40

Thank You i'll try it now

Defiant | 2015-02-28 15:37

Click the IMG Host tab at the top of the page. After it's uploaded there will be a link underneath that says BBcode, copy that and then just paste it into the thread.

Snortciroc | 2015-02-28 15:34

i have my pictures ready just dont know how to upload them..

Snortciroc | 2015-02-28 15:32

How do i post pictures on to show off your rides? im new to this

Defiant | 2015-02-27 16:19

Also we've added a new wallpaper. Hit CTRL F5 if it's not showing up.