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News \ CJ needs to know how's called this rim, anyone?

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CJ needs to know how's called this rim, anyone?

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7. markituh121

2013-04-22 20:17

They have nothing to do with splitstreams lol.

6. steven0808

2013-03-17 19:31

Looks like rota splitstream too...

5. MadSlipknot

2013-03-16 21:04

Ive got the same wheel on my Honda Civic, They are: SENDEL made in Usa its the only thing I know


4. carlos_69

2013-03-12 21:44

They look like Momo star replica

3. 2-3

2013-03-08 21:59

OZ Fittipaldi look quite similar too

2. jbtubas

2013-03-08 18:57

1. Razor_S2000

2013-03-08 18:13

Well, i found this:

It says Elite 5-Star

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