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News \ A New "Street Legal" Type Game - Please share this video !

Author / Submitted by: Singh

A New "Street Legal" Type Game - Please share this video !

Please watch and then share this video with everyone you know within the SL community.

Thank you for your support and this should be an awesome project !

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10. dogger101

2014-12-11 19:10

i wish you guys all of luck this is an awesome game and i love how free open it is and how must tuning/customizing you can do and all the awesome mods out there keep it going :)


9. yatesee69

2014-12-09 00:26

shut up and take my money


8. Lucifer Nymphetamine

2014-12-08 22:09


7. goth thug 21

2014-12-08 02:35

I'm most definitely in bro. I saw your video on Facebook send me a link or instructions on how to donate I'll do it Friday when I get paid.. I have been waiting on news like this for quite some time! Pure awesomeness!


6. Singh

2014-12-07 14:03

thanks, and don't worry you'll get up to speed

5. Defiant

2014-12-06 20:29

Good video, I feel so behind itll take me a while to catch up to all the news. Very good so far


4. pournstr33t

2014-12-06 15:53

Awesome I cant wait to see this game and hopefully it will reach its goal for kickstarter.


3. Singh

2014-12-06 12:45

don't worry, you can still get a copy of the game if you're tight on money , through the kickstarter campaign.

you'll see.. the pricing is really fair.

2. mrrossh

2014-12-06 05:35


Thank you for this video, this is great news. Money is a little tight for me right now, but after christmas I will make a donation to the cause - it may only be pocket money, but you have my word that I will donate to this project.

God speed & good luck,

- Ross.

1. ashes48

2014-12-05 00:56

nice man!

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