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News \ Google Chrome labeled us as suspicious site

Author / Submitted by: Singh

Google Chrome labeled us as suspicious site

Google has labled our site dangerous. The fact is, there is nothing on the site that will harm your computer. We had some spam bots posting garbage links in our forums that always get quickly deleted by our moderators.

Until we sort this out with google, please use another browser or click details and "visit this unsafe site" in chrome.

I am sorry for the hassles, it's driving me crazy too !

- Dave Singh Tags: No tags


3. mechgt5

2015-06-06 22:23

Im on chrome, no message.

2. MrPinkDrifter

2015-06-06 16:15

Got the same message when I just enterd the site on firefox aswell.


1. Subarufreak1997

2015-06-05 19:25

Thats saad :O

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