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News \ It's back!! (Sort of.)

Author / Submitted by: CS Development

It's back!! (Sort of.)

Hey everyone! Boy do I have some news for you guys. Today, I officially announce the re-opening of Street Legal Racing: Evolution... With some minor changes. The only catch is that it is on standby, so while I will still work on it, it is not entirely returned, and is at the bottom of my active list.

The new name is now Street Racing: Evolution to avoid copyright with AV or Invictus, and some new changes are to occur to the game over all.

A quick F.A.Q. for some questions people may ask:

Q: Are you trying to compete with RAXAT since he's making a SL Successor too?

A: No. I already had this project going before 2.3.1 even released, but I cancelled it due to a lack of progress and modeling skill, and seriousness.

Q: Does that mean you have anything against RAXAT, or ImageCode LLC?

A: No. I respect him and his whole team, and will let them do their own thing.

Q: Is there a release date?

A: No. I work slow, and like Whiplash, you should expect a cancellation, but I've taken development seriously now, but either way, don't expect one.

Q: What bunch of crap do you plan this time?

A: I'm not making the same mistake twice. As little as possible will be spoiled.

Q: Can I get a testing demo?

A: Piss off. You will get one when I release one.

Q: What engine will you be using?

A: Unity 5. Although you're gonna be like: EWWWWW!! THIS GAME IS GONNA SUCK!! It's the best I can work with, and it has great compatibility with Blender, so I can throw everything in without problems.

Q: Will it have good graphics and models?

A: I wouldn't necessarily say yes, as I'd focus more on optimization, and keeping the game running as close as I can to 60FPS. As for models, no, I am no professional studio, and I work alone, so don't expect anything that looks spectacular for a while.

Now on to the main section. For the most part, I am torn where I want to set Vestice County, between Mid-Western US, or somewhere in the Middle East, but I guess I'll leave that to you guys. (Some feedback would be nice!)

For now on vehicles, I'd only say expect the basic SL1, and SLR:R vehicles, and the SWORD MX1 before I move on to anything else.

Customization is same as before. If you didn't pay attention to what it WAS going to be, then it'll be quite extensive to say the least.

As for the cover car, here she is:

I'm sorry it isn't perfect, but you have to remember, I have little skill with modeling, so I need to do extensive work to the roofline to make it look proper, but other than that, it's coming along well.

If you need to contact me for any reason, or would like to join the team, hit me up at:

[email protected]

Sorry you won't get a paycheck for working on the game, but I don't really have a budget, or any money to work with at the moment. Tags: No tags

10. L30N

2016-09-02 04:39

With the risk of being criticized, I will tell my oppinion about this, hoping that will lead to what community wants: a finished project and a playable game.

I saw a lot of projects that started with "I will make a total conversion", "I will make a whole new game... but right now I'm learning...". Everyone of us can start a project and complete it until 10%, 50%, 80%, where the skills and perseverance ends, and that's it. Then you hear that the project was abandoned.

If you look at STE, was a project that would've been result in a beta, after 1 year, with how many? 30 people that would've work continuosly day by day?! And from time to time comes a guy with a whole new project which will be done when it's done. When do you think it's gonna be done with your resources? 20 years? You think it's fun to watch a guy which is modelling stuff for a big project which will never by available for playing? No, it isn't. Is more like a girl which posts her boobs on facebook to get likes and compliments from douchebags. Those douchebags are expecting to get in her pants, but that won't happen. Also only a douchebag would think that this game will be playable and fun, if you follow this plan.

If you want to make something, you have to look above you. This attitude of "You want a demo, piss off!" will lead to nothing. If you want to see that project finished, not started, you have to cooperate with people and work together on a project. NOT to let your ego lead you to "I will make this game myself."

What do you mean with the same mistake twice? Is that Tony Montana quote from Scarface Game? You think you can realise something without a mistake?

Because together you will do the thing once, which will lead to a playable version of the game. If everyone starts a project by himself, everybody will make the same efforts in different directions. It's like 4 people are buying 4 lands and work alone and separately to build 4 different foundations, instead of working at one land, which will lead to a finished house where they can all stay together and play.

At this time we have 3-4, how many projects started by different people? And for what? If these would be done, who would play them separately in multiplayer? 4 players here, 10 players there... instead of having one great game that would be played online by everybody.

So in my oppinion... if you have money and resources to make a game and sell it, than it's your own business. You don't need to post about an alpha version.

But if you want to see a game finished, you have to TALK with People that want's to make such a project. 5 people are starting the project, and 3 will give up, but they're work will remain there. And the changes for having a finished game in the end with those 2 people left, is much bigger.

So about this project, I would say... why you don't talk with Raxat or Miran, or Wichur, or who else has a similar project and work together. Than to start for the 99th time a whole new project, which will lead to... I don't have the skills right now? You're project will have the cars from SL1 and SLRR? We have these in 2.3.1 already modded. You wanna make the same work AGAIN? Raxat is already working to make the game more stable. What will this project bring? And WHEN?

By the way... how old are you?

9. Racedriver43

2016-08-27 10:59

You bet. ;)

8. DoubleTake

2016-08-27 03:48

Is that a SARD MC8???? <3


2016-08-26 06:52

I think we could cooperate on this project a bit later :)

6. Racedriver43

2016-08-25 21:40

I never cancelled it. I just work slow, so I may cancel it in the future just like I did with Evolution.

5. Burn Rubber

2016-08-25 17:01

Set Vestice County in Nevada. It's like ROC but now a normal map.

And did I miss the cancelation of Whiplash? :(

4. Racedriver43

2016-08-25 15:39

I don't understand.

3. Zeprarex

2016-08-25 15:37

ricedriver you've been awarded the funniest guy on GOM.

2. Racedriver43

2016-08-25 15:14

Not too much. I plan to revise some of the previous models, and hopefully finish the MX1 soon.

1. StreetKeningston

2016-08-25 13:52

Nicely Done Mate!! Great that it is back??
i want to know how much is it finished in procent??

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