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News \ Redline_Racer creates sounds that change when upgrading cars!

Author / Submitted by: Redline_Racer

Redline_Racer creates sounds that change when upgrading cars!

Redline_Racer creates sounds that change when upgrading cars based on either turbo boost or total bhp.


Redline_Racer/RedlineRacer96 has created a way to change the sound samples used ingame based on the level of tuning your engine receives. This allows for accurate sound representation for both stock and modified engines within the game.

The code is still in its most basic form, but both videos give an idea of how it can work. The plan is to release a game that contains these features and many more additional features in the near future.

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12. KDF

2015-08-01 07:04

where i can dowload subaru song??

11. redline_racer

2015-07-19 11:26

http://adf.ly/1L0Xtb Get a mini version of my game here, contains 8 cars, custom sounds, custom physics and a talking police mod.

All cars come with complete parts lists and correct engines/suspension components.

10. redline_racer

2015-07-16 12:33

Heres the engine with the changing sounds - ill probably update it with more variation but for now here.


9. redline_racer

2015-07-15 09:01

It will be released guys its just its still currently dependant on the engines I've done it for.

8. Zeroohfour

2015-06-30 17:18

Will it be released?

7. TheOne10118

2015-06-29 08:15

NightRider's script was rather tedious, as sometimes I wanted to keep the stock sounds. I hope this one doesn't have that same problem.

6. mindedrift

2015-06-26 09:50

it's not hard to do looking from the scripting side, but it's hard to get decent sound samples :D

5. adnan54

2015-06-25 22:36

It is a really cool improvement.
NightriderBR made the same thing in Engine Sounds Overhaul Patch from 2010, is nice to see it again with better scripts.

4. Zeprarex

2015-06-25 12:06

the next step slrr always needed


2015-06-24 12:56

Exactly what I wanted in the first place to be applied for the game.


2. Timo654

2015-06-24 02:00

Nice work! I am looking forward to this.


1. Sterling

2015-06-23 16:25

Very good work RR, I look forward to it :D

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