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News \ Street Legal: A New Hope

Author / Submitted by: CS Development

Street Legal: A New Hope

Yes, at this point, SLR:R is standing on it's last legs like a wobbly old man without his cane. While there are good things in life, they cannot last forever... But there are ways you can revive them. For years SLR:R has taken the spotlight over SL, LASR, 1nsane, and CRC 2005, and it has become a large center for modding, and a big following creating multiple communities, including places like GOM, VStanced, and others like Modzona. While some good, and some bad, each served a purpose for its visitors and members alike, providing with a hefty chunk of content to keep SLR:R fun and interesting.

I hate to say it, but the Street Legal series is 15 years old, and it really shows. It's time to rest the series in its long desired grave and move on... But who said we had to? Invictus has a whole collection of games they left us with, waiting for the love and attention they deserve. The thing is, they all run on the same engine. A set Javascripts, built in multiple large scripts to run the game as a whole, and since then, we have learned how to rewrite the game, and make it do what we want it to do. For years we wrapped SLR:R in our love, and CRC, 1nsane and LASR sat in the corner, with very few showing them attention... Today, I bring you the dawn of a new age.

"Where is Evo?" "I thought you revived it?" I did, but I never said I was putting it active again. Evolution is a big idea, and quite a hefty project to start... I'm not saying I'm canceling it, but I just have it off to the side.

14 years, and between then, we've received two games with much more revised versions of the engine, built to run on almost any potato, or any gaming rig. CRC is a work of wonder, but it has failed to receive attention over the 12 years it has been out. And there's only one way to give it what it deserves.

Street Legal needs a revive, but nothing has done good enough to provide, so it's time to put it in the place it belongs. It doesn't have to go to the grave yet. There's only one way this can happen.

We remake SL in the CRC Engine.

No, I'm not confirming another shitty project my lazy ass will put to the side sooner or later, but it is a possibility. I have been working with CRC, and am beginning to learn it's works, so I think it's time we leave the old, laggy engines to die, and we give SL the boost it needs. Together we can build a new engine to put into SL... But we all need to come forth, and put in to these new games, and give them life, so that they may cherish in the way SLR:R did...

So let's all come together, and watch our favorite game come back to life.

Oh yeah, and Fireful0, you owe me 200$. :P Tags: No tags

48. Racedriver43

2017-06-17 11:51

This was just an idea. I've already left game development in the dust, so you're out of luck.

So, what's the status of this project?

Has it started yet? Is it at a doorstop and has halted development?

Or is it not going to become a thing?

46. Racedriver43

2017-02-26 22:29

Because the goal of the SL series was supposed to be the realistic, hard truth of street racing. CRC not only is much more realistic, but the idea of finally having more than one other opponent in a race would be nice, too. CRC is easy to mod, now that we have templates to work with, and LASR has nothing but classes and pngs, and few models which is weird as hell.

45. FizziSoda

2017-02-25 22:37

Why remake the game in CRC's engine when you could do it with L.A. Street Racing's engine?

44. Racedriver43

2017-02-22 15:31

Yes that is decent, but it's nowhere as near complicated as SLR:R is, and plus, putting it into a much more fresh game engine, revolving on the same type of code may do the game some good. I'll experiment with transferring later, but for now, I will just keep adding SL1 assets to CRC until I can build the game.


43. tom_drift

2017-02-22 11:22

42. Fireful0

2017-02-22 08:49

Yes, SL was very creative.
Now, about copying a game into a new engine: it kind of depends.
I think the developer would have to provide all the original sources, something Invictus has never done. :)

41. StreetKeningston

2017-02-22 05:05

This is a dumb question but can you like copy the game engine to make a new one?
if you ever heard of GTA Rage mod then there is GTA IV engine in GTA VC and SA...
i am agreeing that it would be best to make a new game instead doing a *SLRR Remake* using CRC engine..(idk if you guys understand my point)

If you have never heard of RAGE GTA (example) San Andreas mod then watch this clip

as you can see GTA IV engine in older game

im sad that SLRR is like going away but its not completly gone since RAXAT got 2.3.1 into steam.. ppl still play it no mather what :D

May we all meet again some where else & work along side each other again.
I'm with Gorgoil on this, Best of luck tho!


i hope that too Sterling ;)

40. mindedrift

2017-02-22 03:29

SL was very good game. SLRR was "bad" because Invictus had limited time to make it.

39. TheOne10118

2017-02-21 14:57

I've just played a bunch of CRC, and it's basically after making SL and SLRR Invictus learned how to properly make a game. Neat stuff.

38. Sterling

2017-02-21 04:12

SLRR's [As we have previously known it] time is done and dusted ... This has apparent to me from the time Vstanced turned into a roleplay site & most of the other sites became archives of the past.

Good intentions tho Racedriver43

May we all meet again some where else & work along side each other again.

I'm with Gorgoil on this, Best of luck tho!



37. holeecrab

2017-02-19 11:36

well imho, you got a good intention but to make it a reality, it's still a novelty since basically we all know nothing about CRC (except replacing the car and stuff) and the resources (like game code and shit.) There's a lot more things you must understand before you did this project.

and probably the best way is to make it from the scratch instead of taking a base from another abandonware.

and like gorgoil said, even after 14 years we still not able to make SLRR to be stable so why deciding to move on so sudden?

36. the best moder

2017-02-19 10:17

Are the mods compatile with the version which RaceDriver posted

35. TheOne10118

2017-02-19 08:30

Install vehicles to (CRC directory)\vehicles. Install maps to (CRC directory)\maps. For vehicles, you can just use them in quick race or freeride.

34. the best moder

2017-02-19 01:54

Question.My mod cars and maps doesn't appear at the game.First how do I install them,second Have I to unlock them?


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