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News \ Street Tuning Evolution - Campaign Unsuccessful

Author / Submitted by: Singh

Street Tuning Evolution - Campaign Unsuccessful

Again, thank you for everyone involved in the STE campaign. You guys are awesome. Please don't feel bad that we didn't make the goal. This was a risk we understood from the beginning by not having a tech demo. At least we can say, we did what we could and gave it our best shot considering the circumstances.

It was a great run, I would do it all over again.

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9. lill_ingo

2015-07-29 10:39

I Think biggest problem with getting it funded is that they rushed it somewhat.
Instead of taking time to reach out to different community's/websites with the news prior of starting the fundraising, so they could write an article about it, and get the news out to its members.
Remember SLRR is an old game the new generation of gamers have probably never heard of it.
Only reason i got the info was that i checked in here for info about RAXATs patch how that was going i mean there are hundreds of sites that's geared towards gaming how many did even mention Street Legal.
What would be needed is a group of people who have the time and energy to contact loads of sites and try to get them to post an article about the game the same date as the funding starts.

8. lvsicko

2015-04-16 05:24

i really hope inactives sees this as a great thing that people are actually willing to pay $34,689 for a game to get made i wonder how many other racing game titles people would actually pay to get it made this aint the last of


7. carmodder

2015-03-29 01:48

Main thing is like Dave said we did what we could even if that means not reaching the goal at least an attempt was made

6. Defiant

2015-03-28 21:40

Well the videos and the campaign on both kickstarter & indiegogo have seen many thousands of views (ask dave for the exact number). We have a total of 800 backers, GOM alone has many times that number of members. The size of the community isn't a problem, it's just that so many people are disinclined to pledge for whatever reason.

5. Pedro_Takumi

2015-03-28 20:39

Can We give it another shot?

4. Acidcore

2015-03-28 19:27

Its not the pre-order problem. Its an audience issue. GOM is a small community, if someone where write a php script with a macro to post comments everywhere possible ie free advertisement, this project couldve gotten more attention.

v-stance, GOM, youtube, just isnt enough. Even facebook, people dont share things they dont like or know about, and most people dont click links to random things because of fear of viruses or being hacked. i hate saying this, but if you put something brony in the game, bronys would have funded the entire game.

3. Pedro_Takumi

2015-03-28 19:15

Thank you Dave for trying this! Let's hope Invictus gives us another try.
You did good! :D

2. Zeprarex

2015-03-28 11:14


1. Defiant

2015-03-28 09:26

Too many people thought the $150k budget was to fill your pockets or that it's a "donation". They don't understand this is a huge favor being done for YOU. If YOU don't preorder then you're only hurting yourself. Oh well, I sid what I could to help out it sucks that it didn't work out but I guess the community wants to stick to playing the old SLRR.

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