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News \ What you would like to see in a new "SLR" like game ?

Author / Submitted by: Singh

What you would like to see in a new "SLR" like game ?

I want to collect feedback this week from the active members of this community about what features they would like to see in a new "SLR" type game made in accordance to today's technological standards ?

What do you love most about street legal racing redline that keeps you playing 10 years later ?

What would you like to see in a new "SLR" ? Multiplayer is obvious but what else ?

What current and relevant games are you playing besides SLR and why ? Would like to see those features if any in a new game ?

I want to collect "bare bones" information , PLEASE do NOT write excessive explanations try to keep everything as simple and straight to the point as possible.

The purpose of this query / poll is to get an idea of what the community as a whole is interested in seeing in a new game... if one was ever to be created.

Any questions regarding a new game or detailed information will be ignored and / or deleted in order to keep the topic clean !

Thank you !

Please keep all replies to this post in our official topic linked here:
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12. Singh

2014-10-22 20:05

Hi zetaman, I am afraid you missed when (about half a dozen times) I said that all comments / suggestions about this should be posted in this topic here


otherwise they may never be considered / read.

thank you for paying attention


11. Zetaman

2014-10-21 23:54

Hey jhonydoe1 i'm afraid your
Suggestions are not complete.
Here's what we all need:

1.More customization than juiced 2
2.More types and amount of cars places
3.Inclusion of mission,achievements and stunts in gameplay.
4.updated map,graphics,sounds,gps
5.Music tracks.
6.Stylish and intuitive menus,options
7.Battle races where players can use weapons.8.
8.Suv,should be included.
9.Use of chopper,truck,police car,traffic
10.Dynamic environment with climate
11.Rewards such as money,conytract,places
12.Day night system
13.Race on different terrain
14.Learn from KR2 F-Zero GX
15.Coloured track barrier for every race
16.Rating system to rate acc,top speed,handling
17.Car Classification
18.Perfo tune and Dyno like ug2
19.Girls like in SRS
22.Detailed info about cars
23 Rules and Stipulation in races
24.Change height,weight,length, of car and exchange car
25.Places with rural and urban feel26
26.Free roam
27.Low System Requirements
28Sponsor races
29.Team and Assist system like in Nfs Carbon
30.Ability to race in water and sky
31 Rally races
33.Remove damage:Excessive damage is not good
If car looks like piece of junk how the hell will it race,
Would anybody expect such car to 200 mph+
34.Sense of speed
35.Virtual Championships
36Study your competitors



10. Singh

2014-10-17 17:16

Hi, don't comment here with your suggestions because they might be missed you should post in the topic http://streetlegalmods.com/forums?m=posts&q=11684&n=last#bottom


9. jhonydoe1

2014-10-17 15:45

and last but not least for now..

the most annoying things that sticks in my mind when you go visit the car dealers auto advance the time instead of bugging the gamer

in car dashboards system


8. jhonydoe1

2014-10-17 15:41

part 2 ..

online car trading, and online car market on the in game internet

better sequencing of when you turn up to race events so you dont end up causing a wreck at a on going race event lol

improve the garage over all the flying around controls kind of suck imo


7. jhonydoe1

2014-10-17 15:18

unified Level editor/car editor

Ramp actually works in the garage

Online free roam mode

Race for pink slips

Better Racer AI

In game phone / internet to ring up racers and do side missions

Houses/Real Estate /insurance

Stereo in car like

I know its not GTA :)

Better Sound effects/voice over/etc, every where

Better physics for damage to property

Better Economics its like the game is hell bent on making it the hardest thing you ever did to build a fairlady 300 and still have £3000 to race with perhaps a bank loan system

Better catalogues with more parts stock,street,super street, super dupa dupa rare catalogues that can be traded amongst players and then contacted via phone/internet/garage

Better atmospheres interms of weather rain/snow/wet/hot sun blinds you in races etc

I could go on with little ideas all day friends


6. Singh

2014-10-16 11:36

I'll explain more in detail why, but I promise you its for a good reason !

http://streetlegalmods.com/forums?m=posts&q=11684&n=last#bottom keep all replies here.

5. KeeJay13

2014-10-16 08:23

What's point of it?


4. Singh

2014-10-15 12:54



2014-10-14 23:01

The idea of rebuilding a car from the ground up to make it work, and also the modding community.


2. Singh

2014-10-14 14:10

keep all replies to the topic linked in the picture above please.


1. tom_drift

2014-10-14 11:09

Better graphics and more easy to mod (make mods).

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