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Circuit de Monaco time attack event

The hot summer days are now gone, but we can still enjoy some virtual summer racing, and what better place to do it than Monaco?
Grab your gear, because we have another competition going on (after a fairly long pause).
Buy it. Build it. Tune it. Race it. Crash it.

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6. J3sus

2012-10-10 20:43

The map crashes every time after a 3/4 lap. Error log is empty, produces it with mwm with additional stuff, with clean install, with the stage 1 clean install. I become just the windows (xp SP2) message, that i should send the report, and the details say this:
AppName: streetlegal_redline.exe AppVer: ModName: streetlegal_redline.exe
ModVer: Offset: 00018a4b

It just hapens with this map,(everything else is working) every time after the strait tunel part when i am making the left turn. Tried other video settings (lower higher, other resolution, windowed, fullscreen), but it doesnt help :(
If anyone has an Idea what could the problem be, please let me know. In other case i will try to fix it, but if i cant , i will wait for the next event

(Sorry for my bad english, not my naitive language)

5. L30N

2012-09-28 19:56

I will post, I m just downloading the game :P


2012-09-26 13:51

3. L30N

2012-09-25 18:01

Hey dude! My advice: write a big title with COMPETITION or something like that. First time I saw the picture I thought it's just a new circuit to be downloaded.I'm in the comp :)

2. crazyVR6

2012-09-25 17:23

're talking about racing circuit in Monaco ... but am not seeing this map available for downloading anywhere

is a bit strange ....


2012-09-25 17:14

this comp is D.E.A.D., at least i'm having a feeling like that

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