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Author / Submitted by: Singh

Mines Drift Event

MDE - Mines Drift Event Rules:
Each Battle will get 2 runs. The participants will line up and one will lead the other will follow. The next run the other will lead and the one will follow. Only the Participants whom turn is up will be allowed on the track. When they go there will be no talking or you will be disqualified until their run is up. You will be judged on, angle, speed, line, if you pass yo do not win you will be awarded extra points.
You Must have Lfs s2
March 28 - Qualifying day
March 29 - Event Day.
If something comes up I will change the dates.

Forum Name:
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Lfs username:
Team: (if you do not have one do not put it in)

Judge Application:
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I am looking for 3 people whom have experience.

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