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News \ Game News \ SLR:E Almost to testing stage!

Author / Submitted by: Racedriver43

SLR:E Almost to testing stage!

That's right. We're almost there. When I throw in some more testing vehicles, I'll put a bit more content, then begin releasing InDev Testing Builds.

It's almost there guys. A little patience, and this will be spreading like a wildfire around GOM-Team. I have been trying to squeeze in time to work, and I've gotten a bit done. Once saving, part removal, part installment, and some Testing Vehicles are released, I will be sure to release the first public build. This might be exciting news for some, and I will be working the most, and best I can for the next few days. I hope you all enjoy this new news! I'll be sure to keep you guys updated! :D Tags: Street Legal Racing

11. Racedriver43

2016-03-29 23:51

Yes. Just like many others. ;)

10. Burn Rubber

2016-03-29 23:40

This game is going to take YEARS by the sounds of it. O_O

9. Racedriver43

2016-03-29 22:13

Yeah. I finished the Raven Miri [CONCEPT] Edition, and now I will make 1 more Concept, and then I will focus on gameplay, and parts ONLY. For the most part, I will make a few props for the Vestice County Garage, and then I will work on making the camera move, the Part shops, the Vestice County Junkyard props, and cars, and maybe a concept for the Vershow Heights player garage. R.O.C. will be returning, WITH a new addition of a chance for a Military invasion, as R.O.C. is an Illegal Street Racing event that takes place in the Nevada Desert near a military testing base. If Military chasing you out of Nevada isn't exciting enough, when in Vestice County, on Day 5, a tornado will strike, forcing you to evacuate to Vershow Heights. (Have fun avoiding debri from an EF5 Tornado!)

Let me know what you think, and be sure to tell me your ideas! I might just consider them.

8. Burn Rubber

2016-03-29 15:45

Hell yeah! I can still remember when you first thought this up. :)) GOM-Team is being very supportive of this. IGCD on the other hand...

What few cars will be in the testing demo? Returning cars or some new cars? :)

7. Acidcore

2016-03-29 11:50

by shanse have you editted the physiks engine at all or using the original engine? im kurious bekause im planning a heavy mod, similar that would shange the entire game, give us more room to play around, possibly better gameplay, at a inkreased loading time, quality is better than quantity.

6. Racedriver43

2016-02-21 04:08

A bit. I haven't made much progress, but it's nice to release public builds so I can get opinions. Criticsm helps.

5. FizziSoda

2016-02-21 01:53

So how much has been done with this project?

4. Fireful0

2016-02-20 16:45

Sounds like fun! :)

3. Racedriver43

2016-02-20 13:09

All the old SL and SLR:R cars will be returning, but this will feature new cars, 2 new cities, with one shredding to pieces by a Tornado, and will take place in an area called the Vestice Desert, where both cities will be, except the second city, Vershow Heights, will be in a cooler area, where there is actually grass and trees and other stuff. If you wanna take a look at the new cars, I recommend you you check the post, unless you are asking something else, and I'm just stupid.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that there will be more customization. :)


2016-02-20 11:51

So to get things more clear, what differs in this one in comparison to the original? no need for the original cars to be in game at all?

1. moh supercharged

2016-02-20 03:02

Keep going I can't wait for you to finish it


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