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News \ SL Download News \ Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno AE86 beta 0.3a

Author / Submitted by: JDW, GOM

Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno AE86 beta 0.3a

Beta 0.3a released

Fixed the old AE86 by JDW, changed some stuff. Click the pic for details
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9. juniorpeera

2013-04-19 16:41


8. TiagoPt90

2012-11-02 03:17


7. Reaper275

2012-11-01 01:59

windows shouldnt be too hard, i dunno tho, havent tried to make em

6. theREALionKING

2012-11-01 01:56

of course :) i was wondering. should i do a trun and tailights for the sedan? idk how to do windows and its missing that too. so....shit outta luck there

5. Davidov

2012-11-01 01:39

Credit still goes to JDW, though. I just did a few fixes and added a few parts.

4. theREALionKING

2012-11-01 01:35

im glad you did it :) its beautiful!

3. Davidov

2012-11-01 01:18

Yeah, well you were the person to give me a bit of motivation when we talked about this.

2. theREALionKING

2012-11-01 01:11

and to think, i had something to actually do with this....woah :P

1. DK_

2012-10-31 22:13

FINALLY!!! LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!! [NO HOMO ;)] :D :somuchwin

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