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SLRRMWM2011 - The Compilation STAGE1


It's changed from GameFront to MediaFire

Ok... hello guys, Diego is back.

It's just a small thing I've been doing in the last 2 days. I'm back on SLRR business (not full time like I was, have less time now :( ) and I feel the need of doind a "fresh install" of the game again. From Zero, nothing, clean... So, I did it.

I have permission for most part of the stuff I've put into. I only use quality stuff from people that I have contact, that are friends and well known guys that I know will not bitch around because I've put their mods on this cool thing I'm doing...

(but if you found stuff that is yours and feel your panties going on your ass and its annoying, tell me and I remove. The mod, not your panties...)

This is a very clean SLRRMWM install, with the most important mods for everyone to start with their games...its very nice for people that uses a lot of mods and are screwing their games every week (LOOOL) And for our loud and lovelly n00bs. Call it a "starter kit". I will call it STAGE 1 and it has:

- MWM Beta Complete
- MWM Resolution changer (It's pre-configured to 1280x720 windowed, you configure to your taste...)
- rolts position scripts (not for everything, just some parts)
- a nice HUD (tbh, the best I've ever seen, sleek and elegant)
- some cool reflections (by Franco)
- HD Sky (from Albert I think, AWESOME Mod, I love it... everyone should have it.)
- evo_rgear (some old school mod that basically is a set of nice arms with nice camber)
- rally_suspension (the nice suspension from rolts with adjustable springs and shocks
- paintable brakes (from Franco... very clever mod)
- Daywhite's classic V6 and V10 engines
- The good old and brutal LamaPerformance V12 :)
- All DSpeed Factory marvelous bits (lots of headcovers, recaros, steering wheels, bla bla bla you know :) )
- All Franco's awesome HQ RIMPACKS and some tires :)
- JAG's Rimpacks and awesome tires (All hail the good old JAG!)
- Painter mod with lots of cool colors
- New ROC racers, made purelly with stock SLRR stuff, so ROC is usable :)

And hell yeah, we got some maps:

- the infamous Nordschleife 2
- Tsukuba Circuit
- The Top Gear Test Track
- Shutokou Expressway C1
- A still unreleased bonus track by Nightrider and me, Interlagos!

And finally:

- An AWESOME little thing I did on the CarMarket.java: if you want to play clean, without using cheats, now you earn some cash by buying and selling used cars! :) Don't try to be the smartass and buy new cars and sell them... on these you'll loose money, its only valid for used cars, so go play a bit of "Gearhead Garage", buy screwed stuff, repair them and sell them... its a simple system, the more value/fixes/equipment, the more you earn!

- Some Valo City optimizations by me (a TEST version of my "valo-fix", fixed the shadows on traffic cars and fake_racers, making it less often to crash when using a lot of highpoly cars... (and if you use GOOD QUALITY MODS... I'll give better instructions on that in the future)


I ask you guys, to download... test it and share your toughts in this topic. In the future I'll be adding cars and more stuff as soon as I COMPLETELLY TEST THEM and give them the 100% perfect seal of quality.


HOW DO I TEST STUFF? There's a basic routine that will let you know if your game is perfectly working:

- Enter the Options Menu, click: "DEBUG JAVA COMPILE ALL JAVAS", that will compile and verify all javas of the game. Thank Miran/Wichur for that. If it crashes there, go look at your error.log or remove the last mod you installed!

- Click Demo Mode, watch the AI race several times... a perfectly working game loads Valo in demo mode and all the mods you have without problems... if it crashes there, you got a problem.

- Start a new career, go to the used dealer, new dealer, catalog, Valo... race and test... test and race... repeat.


Ah, I don't use LE2MWM, if you use it, fell free to install it yourself over this compilation, and if you want we can put a link for this LE2MWM compilation too, but I will not be testing it...

And why I did this? To help the community! SLRR is a TOUGH game to start with and I think everyone must experience it as its best. If you think its a bad idea, GTFO and go suck a pickle... I only need constructive criticism.


Download: SLRRMWM2011 - The Compilation STAGE1

Filesize, kB: 640000KB

Downloaded: 120722

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165. albertins23

2016-04-10 07:38

v12 engine won`t work. Shows comppresion is to low.


164. mikeeske

2016-03-06 04:36

thx for the game

163. Defiant

2015-11-21 14:09



162. Kryotix

2015-11-21 12:10

Can I heavely mod this?


161. Squire466

2015-11-01 22:37



160. ytu

2015-10-11 21:56

So, i downloaded this, and i have nothing, not a single mod, but i do have the MWM mod, but none of the graphics mods, car mods, or pretty much anything. I would love some help on getting the mods and stuff to work, and for ppl looking for the download link, it is between the two ads, check there.


159. Licona18

2015-09-28 01:41

Where is the link?:((


158. robmar429

2015-08-02 15:51

i have this version but the kickassreddevil cheat dont vvork and i cant use my valo city cuz it crashes all the time can you please explain vvhy it vvont vvork


157. mlamphere00

2015-06-29 02:54

how do I download? don't see link.


156. 3ric2hew

2015-06-01 12:29

Problem! Some cars suspension can't install shocks. Only front left can install and the rest just spring. At first i bought the car from used car dealer and thought maybe a bug but then i bought it from catalog still the same. And yes no additional mods install, just fresh download from your stage 1 @Various

155. ShadowSupersCarsSLRR

2015-05-09 13:22

im only get my cars file from my other game,lets see if dont crash,the game looks good

154. MunkeyMan11

2015-05-01 09:18

Hey umm does anyone no how to stop it crashing when you click on the rims is it the computer or the game cause when I make a car from scratch it doesn't crash so yeah what happens

153. Verbeli

2015-03-19 17:31

And can someone also tell me why freeze`s out after you win the final championship... It happens two times.
Somebody, who is a modder, tell for me which *errorlogfile and for who I have to send to have to be this problem solved.

152. Verbeli

2015-03-14 06:47

Hi there everyone.
Thank you Diego, for your work.
Its fun, working without any problem. Buying, repairing and selling used it was a really good idea. Anybody can start the game with 300k. cash easily with a few minutes of buying-selling.

My only one, problem, actually question is:

1.) Why I can NOT put any of the V10 or V12 engines in to my cars?
I have the money for it, I am member of the red team (between the first 5). I bought all of the chassis from the catalog, but non of them let me to put those two kind of the engines.

Thank you for your answer(s).


151. Depas

2015-01-31 07:26

HI, how to download that game, i want to play so much.


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