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  1. Nissan GTR 2010 [2.0]
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Car Mods
    Tags: 2010, Gtr, Nissan

    [ Known bugs: ]

    - Car sold in stores not fully assembled, no rear window and the passenger seat
    - Has parts without texture
    - lip for rear bumper is visible even when you hide all the body parts [button Hide/Unhide Body parts]
    - Seats are arranged improperly

    [ Common: ]

    The modification includes 1 chassis:
    - Nissan GTR 2010
    *Note: In order for car was sold with tires, you need to install this modification:
    - BB93 3D Tyres pack 2 [15-20]
    The high quality of the original 3D models and textures;
    Qualitative settings glow of lights;
    There are 20-inch wheels;
    Correctly functioning lights of the dashboard, the workers of the arrow gauges;
    The modification includes the additional body-kit: Liberty Walk, consisting of:
    - Front bumper;
    - Front grill;
    - Front and rear quarterpanels;
    - Sideskirts;
    - Diffuser;
    - Rear wing;
    Also present kit Rocket Bunny, which in turn consists of:
    - Front bumper;
    - Front and rear quarterpanels;
    - Sideskirts;
    - Diffuser;
    - Rear wing;
    - Front foglights;
    There are 5 different hoods and sports locks;
    Trunk Ducktail;
    Removable panels on the front wings;
    Additional exhaust system;
    There are layout engine, is a not removable part of the chassis.


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