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  1. Fast Launch & Main Menu + Cheat Fix for 2.3.1
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Miscellanious Parts
    Tags: Fast, Menu, Launch, Animations, Remove, Cheats, Fix

    Fast menu:
    >Removes all intro elements, including the "PRESS ENTER" prompt;
    >Removes any wait for fading;
    >Makes buttons work instantly, without waiting for animations to finish;
    >Increases the speed of the ...camera(?), so the selection never outruns it, making the menu feel A LOT more responsive.

    All this makes getting from the SL logo at launch to the garage ~40% faster!
    (from 30.9 to 18.5 seconds in my case)

    Cheat fix:
    >Sets track cheats, garage codes, 'R' to enter any event and part kits to always ON;
    >Makes the Hidden Options menu always enabled;
    >Removes all but Auto Save and Ghost Driver settings from Hidden Options because they're unnecessary now.

    Instructions in the Readme file!

    UPDATE 02.09.2016: Fixes any potential problems with transparent textures
    UPDATE 07.09.2016: Fixed the cheats because they're still not fixed in the base game
    UPDATE 18.09.2016: Updated for Build 917+


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