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  1. Make your Engine installable on any car (NO SLRR EDITOR)
    Sections: Tutorials \ Street Legal Modding Tutorials
    Tags: Slrr, Any Engine On Any Car, No Slrr Editor

    Upon inspecting BB93’s engine which has capability to be fitted on any car, It turns out that the magic is coming from CFG and its rpk. It denoted by slot and compatible lines.

    The ones on the right is their external links on rpk, and the left one is block cfg.
    So, how to make any engine any car without sl editor?

compatible 0x0007007E 1;
compatible 0x0007007F 1;
compatible 0x00070052 1;
compatible 0x00070041 1;
compatible 0x00060001 17;
compatible 0x0006000A 17;
compatible 0x0006003F 17;
compatible 0x0008008F 98;
compatible 0x0008009B 98;
compatible 0x0008000A 98;
compatible 0x000800D2 98;
compatible 0x0008004F 46;
compatible 0x000800DF 99;
compatible 0x000800F9 99;
compatible 0x00080041 98;

The ones on top is used if you made the external link just like in above, or if the order looked like this:

1 <FILE external_links>
2 system\
3 parts\
4 cars\
5 parts\engines\
6 cars\racers\
7 parts\engines\MC_Prime_SuperDuty
8 parts\engines\Baiern_Emer
9 parts\engines\Einvagen_Duhen_Ishima_Focer

In case the cfg don’t have any slot reserve for slot 1,2,3; It should be added, with possibly same offsets. It should like this:


I think that’s it.


The pointer on cfg points toward the stock engines, as their offsets implies. In cfg, compatible means get the fitment ability of corresponding engine block. As most mods came with ATLEAST one engine compatibility, that’s why it works on any car. But take a note, DON’ T USE SLRR EDITOR FOR THE ENGINE YOU PATCHED! According to BB93 it caused errors, so before execution of SLRREditor rpk must be removed.



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