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    With this script you can easely clean old .3ds models, imported Onyx trees and other types of geometry(mesh) with triangular faces.
    Additional Info:

    Supports Editable Poly and Editable Mesh objects.
    Face reduction method preserve UVs, face IDs, object material and
    object IDs.

    I was inspired by this video tutorial:
    Script is tested in max2012x64 and max2013x64 and I guess it works in previous versions.
    ••••• Update: [version 1.1]
    Some bugs are fixed, and optimized code.
    NOTE:Script only works when two triangles of the mesh represent a quad.
    I mean that not works if objects are created with "Garmen Maker" shapes modifier (like Cloth for example)
    ••••• Update: [version 1.2]
    Fixed object position.Now object stay in place after cleaning
    See the result below

    Version Requirement: 2010+


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