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  1. BeamNG - 1st Airplane Mods by Modders
    Sections: News \ Game News
    Tags: Airplane Mod, Beamng

    The first airplanes have found their way into Beam NG thanks to the modding community behind the game.

    They are surprisingly sophisticated and its important to understand that secial functions / native support for airplanes was not planned, it just so happens that the physics engine for beamng is so awesome that these mods actually work.


    Check the official blog out, and even the forums for more information.


  2. Working Helicopter mod for Beam.NG Drive
    Sections: News \ Game News
    Tags: Beam.ng Drive, Beamng, Helicopter Mod

    Thanks to Torque 3D, the game engine powering Beam.NG's DRIVE game... things like this are possible.

    Imagine aerodynamic physics so accurate that a game built for car driving can support something like this :


    Airplanes and Helicopters working, water vehicles have also been spotted around the community forums.

    This game is fully moddable and supported, its still in early alpha stages but development pushes through hard still. Online gameplay is expected soon.

    Click here to follow this modder on FB for more information and latest videos !

  3. BeamNG Drive Upcoming "Race" feature explained
    Sections: News \ Game News
    Tags: Beamng, Beamng Mods, Beamng Race Update

    The devs from BeamNG have released some information on the race update coming out soon. You can get an idea of how simple it will be to create races and layouts with the world editor.

    This is good news for track / terrain makers like myself. The features seem to be coming together well and the game is starting to build "gameplay".

  4. 5 New Cars + New Tracks BeamNG
    Sections: News
    Tags: Beam Drive, Beamng, Crash Testing, Gom Team, Pikes Peak, Street Legal

    I'm just waiting for everyone to realize.. this is the new street legal, sooner or later.

    Link to thread: http://www.beamng.com/threads/7868-Racing-Pack-5-cars-2-maps?p=106135#post106135 (probably have to be signed in with alpha access to get it)


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