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    Decided to release a little work i've done,
    All is whrite in title,
    This is a M50B25 BMW engine but this is the SkyEngine (same specs, same thing)
    With a custom header adapted for hot rod Ford 32.
    Added : -Engine kit => because you will not be able to search all parts, they doesn't exist. /!\to get the entire and fonctionnal engine you must buy the engine kit /!\
    - Oil pan system, to get the right position of the Engine.

    I want to share a little tip to :
    If you have an entire engine you want to put as sky engine, with this, you export your engine mesh, don't forget to export your oil pan mesh too (it can be a part of the engine not forced to get an oil pan)

    for this engine, the oil pan is the grey part behind the fan(photo2).

    Tested only on MWMLE

    Enjoy !


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