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  1. A BMW E30 350iC
    Sections: News \ Real World News
    Tags: Bmw 350Ic, Bmw S62 E30, S62B50

    I was clicking around and found this cool project. Not a fan of convertibles especially with e30 chassis myself, but this project was cool because this is the first time i've seen anyone swap an S62 (e39 M5) engine into one.

    It's really amazing, and driving both e30 and M5 myself can tell you, this e30 must be ridiculous, it must feel like unlimited torque. Although you have to admit it must be too nose heavy.

    Either way, stunning work and you have to admit it is a very badass convertible.

    - S62B50 engine swap / 6sp manual transmission
    - ECU upgraded + Alpha N
    - 300km/h Dashboard for V8 (Maustech)
    - Differential upgraded to S3.25
    - lowered KW 60/40 suspension kit
    - E34 540 front and rear calipers with 312/294 discs
    - new original M technic 2 complete body kit
    - new soft top
    - new paint
    - 17" BBS RS Replica (4x100)
    - Original front Hella black
    - Original rear MHW
    - new leather for seats


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