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  1. Catalog sorting and Description
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    Hi guys, I'm simply posting for those modders whom are looking for a guy to arrange and sort catalog and bodyparts as the way they are supposed to be.

    I recently finished doing that in one of the RB26 engines for myself as it was completely messed up in the catalog(with all due respect to their efforts). Most parts are found in V16 and the main engines were nowhere to be found. The mod itself has 4 different stage mods for the cylinder head, engine block, crankshaft, camshaft....etc Now imagine everything is not sorted, so how can you buy an HKS turbo header and fit it in it's own HKS engine block which needs its own intake manifold? In addition to all this mess, one of the steam community members have re-posted the item with his own issues. Now the sound files were mixed up and went missing and most parts are not even in the game because the catalog superID changed and he is bragging about his work to the community for making it available. But I haven't posted my fix yet anywhere as i haven't received a reply from the owner. I'm currently doing a description edit and bodypart sorting in one of the cars from vStanced.

    I know to many of you, this thing is not quiet impressive, but there are dozens of complains in the community here and on steam for not sorting the parts and classes as they should be which leads to missing items, not finding the parts needed, guessing and viewing each list to find the part and most importantly, purchasing an item not knowing what it does or what it's supposed to do or boost a ride because there is no description.

    This is tiring especially if you're done modeling and programming the parts and body for the game. Description and sorting also takes quiet a lot of time and energy which to many modders find it exhausting with all of what they are doing. So what I can do is take your finished rpk's and the scripts of your ride or mod, and leave the grammar and paragraphs and sorting to me ;)

    If anyone is interested in me helping them finish the last touches and give their mods a polish description for the catalog and bodyparts, please PM me.

    Have a lovely day :D


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