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  1. Neutral Rear Camber mod
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Suspension Parts
    Tags: Adjustable, Camber, Drag, Suspension, Swing Arm, Toe

    ORIGINAL AUTHOR Is Hald. I am just uploading this because it's very hard to find.

    Tired of crazy camber during drag launches, going over jumps and when lifting/lowering your car? This set of scripts for the RL_susp/RR_susp makes the stock suspensions all act less like a "swing arm" style. Rear camber stays neutral at all points in the suspension's range of travel. May improve handling. Lift or lower your car with different springs and shocks, without fighting with camber adjustments. This only affects SLRR stock suspensions; community modified supensions can still have adjustable rear camber. This is not a solid axle mod, the right and left rear suspensions are still independent.


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