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  1. Honda Civic ES 2001
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Car Mods
    Tags: Honda, Civic, Es

    - Comes complete in catalog
    - Front and rear custom bumpers
    - Good handling
    - Beaks subframe
    - Hood BRA

  2. Honda Civic ES 2001
    Sections: News
    Tags: Honda, Civic, Es

  3. Honda Civic EJ2 (Rescripted and fixed)
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Car Mods
    Tags: Honda, Civic

    Rescript and fix of Honda Civic EJ2 by Thyago95 that you can find Here

    So many changes and fixes, some I may have forgot and not have listed here.

    -Improved physics, does not tip!
    -Fixed stock wing rendering the same mesh as roof wing.
    -Drivers seat now renders on the right side.
    -Door names now reflect drivers seat position. eg, right side door is drivers door.
    -Fixed stock dash placement. (was rendering in hood)
    -Fixed click for custom dash, now its alot easier to paint. (had same click as stock but the meshes have different origins)
    -Cleaned up Catalog, custom body parts now in "aftermarket".
    -Fixed a set of mirrors being placed in "windows and lights" in catalog.
    -Stock exhaust no longer flags as illegal part.
    -Changed slots for nos, now you can have two small bottles in trunk, and one large bottle in place of passenger seat. *must remove seat*
    -Now comes stock with Einvagen GT engine, Used dealer will on rare occasion have a more powerful engine.
    -Clean chassis only spawns in used dealer. (I feel that's more of a custom job)
    -Regular chassis now comes stock with friso's [decorative strip] for chassis, doors, and quarterpanels when bought from dealers.
    -Renaming in all scripts to use unique car name, should be standalone.
    -Removed unused files and scripts
    -Added swaybar slots [not sure if it helps but it's nice to have]
    -Fixed slots for wings now allows custom wings other than just the ones in mod.
    -Fixed script for adding a wing [in used dealer based on power descriptor] now the wing is black by default but is in fact paintable.
    -Changed the wing given to Civic's stock wing.
    -Various other clean-ups and changes

    Currently no known bugs
    If you find any let me know.

    Tested with 2.3.1


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