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  1. Tutorial: How to convert sounds from real life for SLRR
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    Tags: Slrr, Sound, Tutorial, Converting, Real, Life, Videos

  2. Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza 6 Apex Converting - Tutorial & Tools
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    Tags: Forza, Motorsport, 7, 6, Apex, Converting

    Contains Forza Studio 4.4t2 - Chipi's Unofficial build [FM7]

    Textures files - https://mega.nz/#!kFICSIhQ!AQbYjw01uzzI9-Dsg5grIQAfzJZ3sx-zpkHO-cZ76x8 & https://dfiles.ru/files/q9y538zm0

    - u need to place your car folder (folder need to rename as carbin files) to adress FM7/Apex/media/cars
    - standart textures and materials need to place to adress FM7/Apex/media/cars/_library


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