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  1. Adjustable engine script FIX
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Miscellanious Parts
    Tags: Adjustable, Engine, Script, Fix, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Compression, Hp, Bore, Stroke, I4, Inline 4

    This is originally mod by apendix, but it had missing sliders, or it crashed the game. I rescripted it a bit, so it doesn't crash the game and is actually working. You can change bore and deck height - aka compression (tune block), stroke (tune crankshaft), valve diameter (tune cylinder head). You can tune supercharger's pulley diameter but it doesn't change anything for now. And I haven't figured out what is the problem with tuning valve lift and duration. I'll put it back as soon as I crack this nut. I am new to scripting so it's a bit hard for me to do this s**t and this is my first "mod", which isn't actually a mod and it isn't actually mine. I tested it on clean SLRR 2.2.1 MWM STAGE 1 and on stock engines. Tip: For fast revving engine, reduce stroke, that will give it durability on high rpms as well and to get power back, increase bore. Only bug I found is, when you change the value of anything mentioned above and close the tuning window, and then open it again, the slider is in middle, hence you can indefinitely change sizes. I guess when you get to 0 it will crash. If anyone wants to help me with this, I will be really thankful. HF slshot101.jpgslshot102.jpgslshot103.jpgslshot104.jpgslshot105.jpgslshot106.jpgslshot107.jpgslshot108.jpgslshot109.jpgslshot110.jpgslshot111.jpgslshot112.jpgslshot113.jpgslshot114.jpgslshot115.jpgslshot116.jpgslshot117.jpgslshot118.jpgslshot119.jpgslshot120.jpgslshot121.jpg


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