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  1. Tire with Custom Physics
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Modding Tools
    Tags: Custom Phys Tire, Physics, Tire

    Hi there people I'm here to share with you my custom tire java that gives custom physic to the tire(grip and that things) without affect main game physics.

    To change the tire physics you need to change the values under

    public void SetupRubber( int RT )

    to de one you want.


    If you want more grip put an lower value in rubber_rigidity = and an higher value in frictn_x

    If you want less grip make the opposite.

    Hope you understood my tutorial.

    Link generated 2/3/18

  2. Track Slick Tyres with Custom phys
    Sections: News
    Tags: Custom Phys Tire, Slick, Slicks, Tyre, Tyres, Tire, Tires

    Click on the picture to get them!


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