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  1. Jegs Pro Stock Camaro Paint Job
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Paint Jobs
    Tags: Camaro, Defiant, Drag, Jegs, Pro Stock

    Jegs Paint Job by Defiant


    -copy and paste the (3) textures into the camaro_cup/textures folder. That's it!

    Get the car here: Pro Stock Camaro

  2. Drag Rim & Tire Pack
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Rims and Tires
    Tags: 15X11, 15X5, Belak, Defiant, Drag, Hoosier, Industries, Og, Pack, Rim, Slick

    New update 1.6! Many fixes and new wheel colors added.

    Belak Industries OG drag rims and Hoosier slicks by Defiant. This pack includes:

    (2) 15x11 Belak OG chrome rims
    (2) 15x11 Belak OG paintable rims
    (1) 15x5 Belak OG chrome rim
    (1) 15x5 Belak OG paintable rim
    (1) 15x11 Hoosier drag slick
    (1) 15x11 Hoosier low profile slick
    (1) 15x5 Hoosier slick
    (2) 15x11 Belak OG Black
    (1) 15x5 Belak OG Black - New in update 1.6!


    Blast for the lip
    Morpheus Hell for rim modeling tips
    Harrison15 for scripting and modeling help

  3. Shelby Rim pack
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Rims and Tires
    Tags: 19, 19X11, Carbon Fiber, Defiant, Gt350R, Rim Pack, Shelby

    Converted from csr racing. 19x11 Shelby GT350R rims.

    Includes 6 versions:

    -original Shelby color
    -paintable matte
    -paintable gloss
    -exposed carbon fiber
    -grey gloss metallic
    -paintable brushed chrome

  4. Honda K Series Engine
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Engine Mods
    Tags: Defiant, Engine, Honda, K Series, K20, K24, Turbo

    Honda K Series (K20 & K24) for SLRR by Defiant

    This mod is based on the original K series by blast, so BIG thanks to blast for giving me his max sources and java sources which allowed me to make this mod possible.

    Also another big thanks to Harrison15 for the engine specifications.


    This mod has been 100% reworked. MOST meshes and textures are new! Very few were reused but even those had been edited heavily.

    -2 turbo kits and one non-intercooled option
    -Supercharger kit with reworked parts
    -SEVERAL different exhaust options
    -SEVERAL different intake options including ITBs and ram scoops for drag racing
    -New transmissions
    -New engine internals
    -Multiple fuel rails
    -New clutch and flywheel
    -Reworked valve covers with custom carbon and decaled options
    -The spark plug covers are detachable and include custom options
    -Oil catch cans and PCV filters
    +MANY more parts that I don't feel like writing

    I have included only 9 engine kits, there are enough parts to easily make more than 15 but don't be lazy and build the engine yourself :P

    Each part affects performance and has many detachable options.


    Put "SeriesKhonda" folder and "SeriesKhonda.rpk" into parts/engines

    Put the "Sounds" in your main SLRR folder.

    That's it! Enjoy and have fun.

    blast for the original K series files
    Harrison15 for the specifications
    Gorgoil for the sounds

    **ONLY TESTED on 2.2.1**

  5. Weld Street Drag Pack
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Rims and Tires
    Tags: Defiant, Drag, Pack, Rim, S71, Street, Tire, Weld

    Quick rim pack includes:

    18x10 Weld S71 (chrome, black, black & chrome lip)
    15x11 Weld S71 (chrome, black, black & chrome lip)
    15x11 Mickey Thompson street legal slick

    Big thanks to blast for the weld spokes

  6. Hella Supertone Horns
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Body Parts
    Tags: Hella, Supertone, Horn, Defiant

    -2 versions: single and dual
    -Attach as wings (you may need to add extra slots)
    -Appear in Body->Other

  7. Weld Racing Street And Strip Pack
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Rims and Tires
    Tags: Weld, Racing, Defiant, Drag, Street, Strip

    Weld Racing Street And Strip Wheel Pack

    This pack includes:

    Weld Racing S71B 15x11
    Weld Racing S71B 15x13
    Weld Racing S71B 15x5
    Weld Racing S71 15x10
    Weld Racing S71 18x10
    Weld Racing S71 18x10 Deep Dish
    Weld Racing S77 18x10
    Weld Racing S77 15x10
    Weld Racing Delta-1 15x13
    Weld Racing Delta-1 15x15
    (2) Weld Racing Draglite 15x11
    (2) Weld Racing Draglite 15x5
    (2) Weld Racing Magnum 2 15x11
    (2) Weld Racing Magnum 2 15x13
    Weld Racing Magnum 2 15x5

    As well as over 15 tires ranging from legal grooved radials to big drag slicks

    Credits to blast for S71 spokes and for some screenshots

  8. Stroud Drag Racing Parachute Pack
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Body Parts
    Tags: Pack, Racing, Drag, Chute, Parachute, Stroud, Defiant

    New mod for drag racing fans. Fully working (opening/closing) dragster parachute for SLRR. Comes with the option of single or dual parachutes and optional multi-colored cable release tags.

  9. GM LS7 Engine By Defiant
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Engine Mods
    Tags: Ls1, Ls, Gm, Ls7, Defiant, Lsx, Ls3, V8

    New and original engine for SLRR, exclusive here on GOM! This mod is not meant for upload on any other site!


    -hand made meshes by me
    -hand made RPK by me
    -forza 4 sounds
    -highly detailed models
    -correct specs and weights
    -many stock and tuning parts
    -multiple turbo kits
    -multiple supercharger kits
    -LOTS of
    paintable parts

    This engine is NOT an edit of existing crap, it's an all new engine by me.

    How to install:

    Place GM_LS.rpk and GM_LS [folder] into your SLRR\parts\engines directory.

    How to install in cars:

    Run SLRR editor, select the car you want and then hit select all and then save. You should know this by now but some people still don't!

    ** please keep in mind this engine was scripted to go with the 'real dyno & nitro' mod. So horsepower figures may not be accurate if you do not have that mod installed. **

    Version 1.1 with bug patches has been released and the link has been updated.

    Thanks to the GOM-TEAM community for the support, this is my treat to you :D
    Also thanks to Local Motors for making their original block publicly available.

    Password: GOM-TEAM


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