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  1. Devil's V8 Rescript
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    Rescripted version of Mihon's Devil's V8

    Complete rescript for Mihon's Devils V8 engine. New scripts, sounds, and a few visual edits by Harrison15. Much more usable in general, and includes RPKs for 2.3.0LE and 2.2.1MWM. This was done unofficially, so if Mihon objects, I will take this down.

    The turbos are still ridiculously powerful, but if you have problems, turn down the boost.

    Also, the archive is huge because there are six sound sets, as well as turbo and supercharger sounds. Click the exhaust headers with the tuning tool to switch the sound file. File is 24MB.

    I uploaded this before being unavailable for a week, so this is a BETA as of July 5.


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