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  1. Drag Strip Final Version 2.0
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    Tags: Drag Racing, Drag Track, Drag Strip

    Drag Strip Final Version

    Converted from Assetto Corsa by: Blast & Gorgoil


    6 Race Mods

    1/8 Mile
    1000 Feet
    1/4 Mile
    1/2 Mile
    1 Mile
    1550 feet Roll Race

    Working Light Tree

    Full tree (glows yellow lights one by one with a difference of 0.5 sec then green light glows 0.4sec after 3rd yellow)
    Pro tree (glows all yellow lights then green light glows 0.35sec after yellow lights)

    Bot option

    You can save a car as DragCar to be your opponent, if you don't want to save it the game will generate a random car to be your opponent

    Native Objects

    In native objects you have SL native trees and light poles, just to make give a better look to the track and illumination at night, you can disable them in track menu if you see it's killing your FPS

    Set Day Time

    You can set day time you want to go to the track, you can select between:

    Electronic Time Board

    It includes a time board where it's going to show your time and speed and opponent time and speed too

    You need to have lastest Amilmand patch installed, and add the stuff inside AdditionalChassisFunctions.txt to yours Chassis.java (which you may find it in parts\scripts\bodypart\src) and copy all the contend from AdditionalChassisFunctions.txt and paste it inside the Chassis.java right before of the last }.
    If you have downloaded and installed Amilmand patch and you don't know how to put the additionalchassisfunctions download this: Click here!
    This chassis.java was only tested on 2.2.1 MWM and 2.2.1MWM By BB93, if you have other version use it at your own risk but I recommend you to make backup of your Chassis.java and Chassis.class

    Special Thanks:

    Blast for converting this awesome track and inviting me to make part of this project(sorry bro for taking too long to finish it :haha )
    Defiant for the re-texture of the track
    To this amazing community for their support, it's the main reason why I've finished this track and didn't quit from it 1 year ago, seriously thank you guys.


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