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  1. Edited/Fixed HugeWingsPack (2.3.1.)
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Body Parts
    Tags: Wings, Edit, Fixed, Pack

    I am a fan of wings, so i got a few wing packs to mod my game... and most didnt fit. i started with 2.2.1 / mwmle2, and had mods to move them to fit, so all was well. i recently upgraded to 2.3.1, and spend some time figuring out how to fix things.... so i did. here is the fixed/adjusted configs for "huge wings pack"

    Installation instructions:
    1: Download huge wings pack by fireful0: http://streetlegalmods.com/downloads/game/body-parts/Huge-Wing-Pack
    2: install that pack
    3: download this
    4: install this, and overwrite that packs configs.
    5: profit.

    also good to note that i only tested and adjusted for the duhen.... and on 2.3.1, but i am pretty sure this will work on all versions, and i am hoping it fits as well on other cars.
    Now for some pics:
    Maybe more editing needed, but manually editing the configs for each wing, then going into game to check, rinse and repeat, is tiresome

    also: if anyone more knowledgable than i, could teach me more about modding, it would be appreciated. particularly, right now, i would like to add more nos bottles (specifically the double-bottle from mwmle2) to 2.3.1


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