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  1. EDMPACK2 - "Chilly"
    Sections: Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Sound Mods
    Tags: Edm Music Pack 2015


    This is a chilly EDM Pack for SLRR.

    It includes songs from Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap and other minor genres.

    Dubstep - Candyland - Bring The Rain (AFK Remix)
    Dubstep - Joker - Old Era
    Dubstep - Katy Perry - E.T. (Skorge Remix)
    Dubstep - Nishin Verdiano and AK9 - Bitch Please
    Dubstep - Will & Tim - Crispy
    Dubstep - Will & Tim - Song Of Storms
    Electro House - K-391 - Drop It
    Glitch Hop - At Dawn We Rage - Over It
    Glitch Hop - Bullseye - Combo Breaker
    Glitch Hop - Modulation - World Summit
    Glitch Hop - OMFG - Hello (Will & Tim Remix)
    Glitch Hop - Tim Ismag - Glitch Opera
    House - Don Diablo feat. Maluca - My Window
    Jumpstyle - DJ Splash - A Beautiful Day (Nordic Beatz Remix)
    Trap - Borgore & Skidope - Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse
    Trap - Joker - Midnight - (Bassnectar remrx)
    Trap - Outkast - Ms. Jackson (San Holo Remix)

    Extract the ".mp3" files from "EDMPack2.zip" to:
    \SLRR\music\Garage_Shop OR \Roam_Ride, \Race_Chase, \Main_Menu

    2 min preview of the pack: Preview

    Enjoy&Have fun! :)


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