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  1. Enkei RS05RR
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    Tags: Enkei, Rs05Rr

    Enkei RS05RR

    This rim came in 3 pieces(rim, lugnuts and center cap) and everything is paintable and when you buy the rim you don't need to buy the nuts and center cap because they came with the rim when you buy it.
    If you wanna change center cap texture go to parts\Gorgoil_Enkei\textures and change the RS05RR_LOGO.png texture and if you want to give something paintable to the new texture just put what you want paintable transparent.

    Sizes: 15-20

    3d Credits goes to Jonathan Vera Sella.

  2. Enkei RS05RR released by Gorgoil
    Sections: News
    Tags: Enkei, Rs05Rr

    Click in the pic to get them!


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