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    Sounds are converted from FM4, FH2 and FH3.
    For this mod if you know about scripting, you can put this sounds in any engine you want. You will find the script codes inside each sound folder.
    If you dont know about scripting, you need to have installed the VR38DETT by blast, the RB26 by Oxman99/Timek9, the SR20DET by Lexotic/BrCrew, and the Emer StreetGT (comes with the original game). This last one for the VG30 sound, I know Im putting a V6 sound in in Inline6, its because I dont find a good v6 with the "block.java" file.


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    click on the image to go to the download page

  3. Tutorial: How to convert sounds from real life for SLRR
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    If you dont know anything about scripting neither make rpk for sounds, sorry but first you need to read this two tutorials (clic on each one):
    -Converting engine sounds from Shift 2 to SLRR
    -Converting Engine Sounds From Forza Motorsport 4


    In this tutorial you will learn how to take sounds from youtube videos and edit them for SLRR(And other games too), for example I converted this F12 sound:


    I used this way to make the sounds of toyota 4age, honda b16a and ferrari 458 too.
    First of all you will need the following programs / apps:

    -aTube Catcher or similar(for download videos from youtube)

    -Adobe Audition CS6 or similar(for edit sounds)

    -Acoustic Tachometer for Android OS (to know the RPM of a sample by the sound). I'm sure there's some similar application for IOS. If not, or if you do not have a device with android / ios, you should find out the rpm by trial and error, or look for another method.

    You have to read the following steps while you see the following video, so let's start:

    1) Find some video with a good sound and with long accelerations, and download them with aTube Catcher in mp3 or wav format with the highest quility you can. Then you have to open the downloaded audio file with Adobe Audition and convert it to 32000Hz (seconds 0:00 to 0:07). 32000Hz is the frequency and with that value works fine in slrr. Higher frequency values doesn't work correctly in game (in some point the audio dont change by the RPM) or even it dont reproduced it. For channels, in most cases, STEREO is used because it's louder than MONO without saturated it with high decivels, but MONO in game start to reproduces faster. For example, in the 4a-ge sound I had to use MONO becuase the "open throttle bodies" effect in STEREO was started to reproduced too late and sounds very bad, but for the other engines i used STEREO.

    2) Now you have to find the different parts of the downloaded audio that you will use for the rpm samples,in my case I started with the high rpm sample. So once you find it, copy the part and paste to new. (0:10 to 0:33)

    3) Now you have to make the sound that is accelerating sound like it's not, making it sound the same pitch and form a loop. In this step you have to listen carefully to do it correctly without getting short with the correction of the pitch, or to go over the limit making it sound like it decelerating. (0:39 to 1:09)

    4) After correcting the pitch, the last part of the sound sounds strange, I think it's a bug of the program, but nothing serious, just delete that last part. (1:11 to 1:25)

    5) In this step you will notice if you did the step 3 correctly. You have to copy the entire sample, and paste it at the end of it, causing it to duplicate, but the duplicate part will be reversed and you will have the sound "symmetric" forming a loop. If the sound sounds all in the same tone/pitch and not like it's accelerating or decelerating, CONGRATULATIONS! you did it great! (1:25 to 1:57)


    6) Now comes the part to know the rpm of the sound that you did it. Open the Acoustic Tachometer app on your device and configure with the correct parameters. In this case, the engine is a 12 cylinder 4 stroke that reaches 8500 rpm. So the parameters are the following:
    -Engine Cycle -> four-stroke
    -Cylinders -> 12
    -Multiplier -> 1 (this parameter always goes in 1)
    -Minimun RPM -> 500
    -Maximun RPM -> 10000

    After configure the app, you have reproduce the sound on your pc and put the mic of the device nearest possible to the headsets or speakers of your PC, and the app will show you the RPM of the sound. Sometimes it's normal that the app shows you any number when there's no sound.

    7) Once you know the rpm of the sample, save it as a .wav format and write the name of the file and its rpm value in a .txt just to remember . Do the same steps for the rest of the samples (low rpm, mid rpm, etc).

    8) After make all the "On Load" sounds, you have to do the "Off Load" sounds. If the video isn't recorded on a dyno, you have to make the off load sounds with the same way than the on load sounds, but if the video is recorded in a dyno, probabbly when the car is decelerating the only sound you will hear is the dyno whine. In this case, you have to edit the same sample you did it for on load and play with the equalizer to make the off load effect like in the following video:


    I use the 10-band equalizer, but you can experiment with the 20-band or even the 30-band. But for example, if you use the 20-band equalizer for the one sample, you have to use the same for the rest.

    9) The last part is obtain the limiter sound and the idle sound from other videos, but in generel both doesn't requires editing, only change the frequency and maybe the decivels. Also you have to put the sounds in game, but if you are reading this probably you alredy know how to do it, so good luck!

    PS: if you have problems and/or need some help, dont pm me here, pm me on facebook: (clic here)


  4. Toyota 4A-GE Pure Sound Mod
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    Tags: Pure, Sound, 4Age, Toyota, 20V, 16V, Black, Top, Blue, Itb, Exhaust



    This mod works with the 4age by JDW & J-Performance, rescripted by mindeliszz.
    The installation step by step is in the rar.
    The engine can sound in 3 different ways, depending on the intake and exhaust modifications.
    The ITB sound was converted from this video: *clic here*
    And the exhaust sound was converted from this other video: *clic here*
    The rest of the sounds are from other games like nfsu2, shift 2 and forza.


  5. RELEASED: Toyota 4A-GE Pure Sound Mod for SLRR
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    Tags: 4Age, Sound, Mod, Slrr, Toyota, Itb, Exhaust



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